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Adey Bell Summer Benefit Concert

Stunningly soulful and angelic, Adey Bell’s repertoire of deliciously composed originals make her impossible to classify. Her transcendental, relevant art has the depth and realness of your most complex and vivid dreams.

The multi-talented Adey Bell is a vocalist, pianist, film composer and actor. She is often compared to solo female virtuosos such as Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Fiona Apple and Sarah McLachlan. 

“Adey’s music is a collection of masterworks, songbooks from the other side. It is music for uncovering the lost pieces of yourself.“

Join us in the Osmosis Meditation Garden for an unforgettable, soul-stirring performance by a this quickly rising star. Catch her while you can before she gets too big for an intimate venue like this! 

All proceeds will benefit the Ceres Community Project.

Tickets are all-inclusive with dinner from Ceres Community Project, Wine, and Cedar Enzyme Footbaths.

6 pm – Dinner catered by Ceres Community Project

7 pm – Performance by Adey Bell

8 pm – Dessert and Cedar Enzyme Footbaths

Summer Solstice Sound Healing Ceremony

The Summer Solstice is a season to celebrate! The longer days and warmth of the sun reminds us to appreciate and acknowledge the generosity of our Earth Mother.

Join us and a special team of healers and musicians on the Summer Solstice at 8 am in the Temple Gardens at Osmosis as we celebrate the sun at the height of its power and rekindle the spirit upon which we have built, and continue to empower our unique culture and community. With the sound of gongs and other healing instruments, we will embark on a Sound Healing journey of conscious and sacred engagement with self, spirit and the earth in a way that is inspiring and deeply nourishing.

The Cedar Enzyme Footbath immediately following the event is $15 with very limited tickets available.

Entry fee of $10 can be applied to any same day service.

Horticultural Garden Tour

Join us for a 2.5 hour-long guided tour of the Osmosis Kyoto-style Meditation Garden conducted by Osmosis founder Michael Stusser and tree pruning expert Michael Alliger.

Through a labyrinth of plants, stones, and water, the garden tells an ancient tale of liberation from the everyday concerns of the world. Visitors will be treated to an in-depth look at the underlying Zen themes built into the rock arrangements and pond layout, as well as information about the planting themes and plant materials. The garden has been built over a period of many years and was designed by the preeminent landscape designer, Robert Ketchell, of Britain.

Tour includes Cedar Enzyme Footbaths, tea and snacks.

Admission: $25. Book a service for that day and get $20 off any service. Space is limited to 14, make your reservations in advance. 

Aging Gracefully: Your Roadmap to Bone Health

Do you want to maintain strong bones as you age but do not know where to start? Are you wondering if the Calcium and Vitamin D that your doctor told you to take is enough?

Nourishing your body all the way to the bones requires us to look at the body a little different than just replacing the nutrients that make up the bone. Our skeletal structure not only keeps us upright, but our bones are also a storehouse for minerals and the birthplace for our red and white blood cells, platelets and stem cells, deep within the bone marrow. We might only think of our bones when it comes to aging and their density, but this dynamic tissue plays numerous roles in our overall health. A diagnosis of osteopenia or osteoporosis can be scary.

As we age, our bone density changes, but how much it changes can depend on many factors relating to our whole body. Let’s face it, it’s not just about taking Calcium and Vitamin D. It’s about:

  • What we eat and how our food is prepared
  • The dance of our hormones
  • The state of our digestive tract
  • The levels of inflammation in our body
  • Our lifestyle habits, including exercise, sleep and the amount of stress we have in our lives.
Aging Gracefully: Your Roadmap to Bone Health will support you to take action and to understand how the whole body plays a role in nourishing our bones.

We will begin with our morning session, followed by a nourishing organic box lunch catered by Fork Restaurant. After lunch, a healing Cedar Enzyme Footbath and your choice of a luxurious 75-minute massage or organic facial followed by a sound therapy session in our field of hammocks.

When you nourish your bones, you nourish your whole body in a deep and meaningful way. 

All Inclusive: Morning Session, Organic Lunch & Spa Treatment 

Mary Sheila holds a clinical focus on supporting clients restore metabolic balance, helping them prevent diabetes, regulate their mood, stabilize body weight, and support and restore optimal digestion. With a background in Holistic Nutrition, Clinical Ayurveda, Adrenal Support and Amino Acid Therapy, Mary Sheila’s approach combines these modalities to create a unique supportive experience for her clients and class participants. Her way of bringing nutrition alive, simplifying complex concepts, and showing how food meets physiology leads her clients to consistently successful outcomes. She also teaches at Bauman College & maintains a private practice, Occidental Nutrition. 

Forest Bathing Spa Meditation Retreat

Shinrin-yoku is a term that means “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing.” It was developed in Japan during the 1980’s and has become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine. Learn more about it HERE.

Forest Therapy combines leisurely walks on gentle paths under forest canopy with guided activities to help you open your senses, hone your intuition and experience the forest as you never have before. In the time span of a few hours, we go deep into a direct experience with nature, quietude and receptivity to the present moment.
Includes a morning spa immersion with Cedar Enzyme Footbath, Hammock Sound Therapy and a Revitalizing 75-minute Massage or Facial. Organic Box Lunch followed by afternoon Forest Bathing experience.

Michael Stusser, founder of Osmosis Day Spa

Michael Stusser brings 40 years of meditation practice and a lifetime of wilderness experience to his forest bathing guiding. He is a certified forest-bathing guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT). He led a delegation to connect with the origins of the movement in Japan in the fall of 2017 with the organization’s founder Amos Clifford.