Cedar Enzyme Bath

Rejuvenate in the healing alchemy of the Cedar Enzyme Bath

A therapeutic body treatment from Japan found nowhere else on this continent.

This fermentation bathing ritual involves immersing your entire body in a mixture of soft and fragrant ground cedar and rice bran with living enzymes that stimulate metabolic activity inside and out.

The warm and fragrant treatment offers myriad health benefits, from improving circulation to relieving joint and muscle pain, and the living enzymes deeply and thoroughly clean your skin, leaving your entire body exuding a radiant glow.


Cedar Enzyme Bath for One – $150

Cedar Enzyme Bath for Two or More – $125 per person

Glimpse The Cedar Bath
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Enjoy a rare journey found nowhere else on this continent.

Osmosis Day Spa cedar enzyme bath health benefits


Experience pain relief, radiant skin, spiritual elation, and more.


Relax into our natural blend of cedar, rice bran, and enzymes.


A Japanese healing tradition brought to California.


Common questions about this one-of-a-kind treatment.