The Experience

Japanese Tea Garden

Your experience begins as you change into a cotton Japanese robe and enter a private viewing garden where you will be served a blended tea of organic herbs and enzymes made from 25 different plants. This soothing diuretic drink warms your body in preparation for the bath, where the enzymes work together to stimulate metabolic processes.

Enter the Bath

Your personal bath attendant will guide you and your partner or friend to the private area where cozy wooden tubs await, filled with a warm, soft and fragrant blend of finely ground evergreens and rice bran. Your bath attendant will sculpt a supportive space for you in the tub — which you may enjoy with or without a bathing suit — and will ensure that you are settled in to a comfortable position before gently covering your body. You may choose to be immersed up to your chin, or to keep your hands and chest free.

Settle into Warmth

You’ll quickly feel the warmth that is generated by biological fermentation, mimicking your bodies’ own natural metabolic processes. You may perspire, as you feel this extraordinary heat radiate through your body.

Listen to Your Body

Enjoy looking out at the beautiful view from the tub room, or choose to close your eyes and focus on feeling the sensation of the interactive process with your body. Your trained attendant will check in periodically to place cool cloths on your forehead and offer you water just when you need it. As with any heat treatment, we do not advise remaining in the bath for more than 20 minutes.

After the Bath

As you exit the cedar enzyme bath, you’ll gently brush off the bath mixture and take a shower. Once you have dried off, we’ll offer you a refreshing electrolyte drink and encourage you to continue on your path of transformation.

Experience this unique journey for yourself.

Post-bath Options

Nothing feels more perfect than a 70-minute massage, organic facial or both after the bath. Choose one of our packages (recommended) or select individual treatments from our menu.

sound therapy hammock

Sound Healing

Following the bath we offer Metamusic® Sound Healing, a special collection of music curated to lower brain waive activity and balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain. Enjoy this experience as you lie down in a resting room or outdoors in a hammock ($22).

Visit the Meditation Garden

After you’ve finished your treatments, we invite you to extend your time at Osmosis with a visit to our Meditation Garden. This profoundly peaceful sanctuary is designed to deepen your feelings of wellbeing and strengthen the imprint of your day in a lasting way.

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