The Mixture

Osmosis Cedar Enzyme Bath
The Cedar Enzyme Bath is composed of a unique blend of natural ingredients:


The Port Orford Cedar (white cedar) used in the Enzyme Bath is one of the most fragrant evergreen woods in the world and is native to Oregon. Similar to Hinoki, a very sacred wood in Japan, which is used in traditional homes, hot tubs, and temple construction, this cedar contains many natural, fragrant resins including phenol, which maintains the hygienic properties of the bath and produces helpful vapors for bathers to bask in.  For thousands of years, cedar and its essence has been used by Native Americans and other aboriginal cultures for rites of purification, strength, and cleansing.

Rice Bran

The other major ingredient used in the bath is rice bran, which is separated from the kernel during milling, and helps propel the fermentation process.  Rice bran is high in enzymes and also contains 20% oil, which is unusually stable in heat, and includes a broad range of nutraceutical compounds that act as potent antioxidants to protect the body from free-radical damage.  The B-complex vitamins found in rice bran are also vital to the health of the entire body, and especially beneficial for the health of the nervous system and brain. Beta-carotene, a precursor of Vitamin A, is also found in significant amounts, which promotes the health and vitality of your skin.  Used for centuries as a natural exfoliant and for the softening properties of the oils, rice bran adds revitalizing nutrients to your body’s largest and most sensitive organ.

Biological Catalyst

We import a unique biological catalyst from Japan to activate the enzyme bath. We nurture this culture—as a baker would care for their sourdough starter—which stimulates the enormous power of fermentation that sustains the generation of warmth and creates a whole universe of highly beneficial enzyme activity.