Zen Gardens

Our secluded five acres of creek side property is extensively landscaped with five distinct Japanese garden areas.

We consider communion with nature to be a key component of healing and encourage our guests to enjoy our landmark Meditation Garden and accompanying resting areas.

Drawn from the teachings of Japanese landscaping and meditation practices — with careful adaptations for California’s climate and culture — our extensive Zen gardens are designed to encourage you to embrace nature’s beauty in quietude. Arrive early or stay late to spend time in our serene Meditation Garden or one of our other serene outdoor spaces.

Glimpse The Gardens

Meditation Garden

Savor deep calm and inner peace in our Kyoto-style garden.

Japanese Tea Garden

Begin your Cedar Enzyme Bath with an inviting tea ceremony.

Field of Hammocks

Float restfully in our swinging cloud beds.

Secluded Pagodas

Treat yourself to an outdoor massage in a private pagoda.