Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our unique Cedar Enzyme Bath.

It boosts circulation and metabolism. It reduces stress and is deeply relaxing. It cleans and beautifies the skin. It makes people feel good and often provides relief from aches and pains. Read more about its benefits.

Guests have the option of experiencing the bath in a swimsuit, undergarments, or in the nude. Most guests prefer the no-clothing option.

The tubs can accommodate up to four people experiencing the bath together. It will only be the people in your party; there will be no other guests in the room. If you book a couple’s bath, it will be just the two of you.

The tubs are changed every two weeks in order to replenish the aromatic quality of the cedar. The heat in the Cedar Enzyme Bath is generated biologically through the process of fermentation, which is nature’s purification process. The Cedar Enzyme Bath is a self-cleansing medium, which breaks down toxins. A coating of material that sticks to your body while you are in the bath absorbs perspiration. This coating is brushed off your body after you finish the bath outside the tub. The high temperatures, biochemistry of the fermentation process, and the low pH of the wood fibers work together to create a hygienic environment.

Fermentation is a fundamental impulse in biology that creates a natural warmth. It’s the same biological mechanism that heats our bodies, and is related to other common forms of fermentation that many of us know from baking, preserving, or even brewing kombucha. In this case, the heat is held in the bath and stimulates your own body, leaving you feeling warmed from within and stimulating various beneficial activities.

People with high blood pressure who have it controlled with medication and are accustomed to taking hot tubs or other heat therapies can do the bath, but should be aware of the nature of the treatment and of their own limitations.

No. During chemotherapy, the bath would not be appropriate. Please consult your physician and find out when you will be able to receive a cedar bath once you complete your treatment. We require that a minimum of 2 weeks have passed since your final treatment.

The experience is designed to support you feeling held by the material and warmed from within, not confined. A whole wall of the tub room is open to the outdoors to minimize the feeling of claustrophobia. The fibers in the tub are very lightweight and it’s easy to move your arms and legs at any time during the treatment, or get out of the tub by yourself. While many guests prefer to be immersed in the tub up to their chins, we will gladly work with you to determine an appropriate level and can adjust the bath material once you’re in.

The camphor in the cedar is naturally occurring and is not in a highly-concentrated form. Two homeopathic doctors who have taken the bath and recommended it to their patients say that it will not antidote homeopathic remedies. Other homeopathic doctors and patients say that it does antidote the remedies. Some also say that the peppermint in the tea may serve as an antidote to homeopathic remedies. With this information, we encourage guests to decide for themselves if they want to take the bath.