The Benefits

Unlike other modes of heat therapy…

Our Cedar Enzyme Bath works together with your body’s own processes, creating a unique synergy. Because the heat is generated biologically through fermentation, your body is able to absorb — rather than defend against — this warmth, allowing it to permeate your center, charge your core organs, and stimulate healing from within.

The bath’s natural wood oils and microorganisms also offer their own health benefits, particularly as your body absorbs their healing vapors. Cedar oil has been used across centuries by diverse cultures — from Tibetans to Egyptians to Native Americans — for its cleansing, tension-releasing, and purifying properties. And, of course, the enzymes and probiotics in both the bath and tea help activate your metabolism and aid digestion.

Osmosis guests report experiencing a range of wellness and health benefits including:

  • Reduced tension and stress as the bath balances body chemistry and nervous system, stimulating serotonin and melatonin production, and promoting a better night’s sleep.
  • Relief from aches including arthritis and joint pain; increased mobility.
  • Breaks down lactic acid in sore muscles.
  • Beautifies the skin by dilating and cleansing the pores. The enzyme activity performs a full body exfoliation.
  • Detoxification and improved digestion. The tea and bath work together to metabolize waste, cleanse organs, and facilitate absorption of nutrients.
  • Improved circulation as the bath dilates the cardiovascular system and increases blood flow to even the smallest capillaries.
  • Reduces swelling by removing excess fluids
  • Elation – cedar oil stimulates the brain’s limbic system, enhancing feelings of joy and satisfaction.

Come feel the powerful effects for yourself.