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The most relaxed I’ve ever been! I highly recommend the “full experience”—cedar enzyme bath, facial and massage. Worth. Every. Penny. Be sure to leave extra time either before or after your treatment to spend some time in the gardens!

—Taffie H., Vallejo, CA,  (Yelp)

If you’ve never visited Osmosis and experienced their cedar enzyme bath, you must take a leap of faith and know you will walk out as a deeply relaxed person. The bath experience is intense, 15 minutes is a feat of willpower, every minute spent past 10 is deeply soothing in the long run. My daughter and I took the bath together and were laughing about being earthworms until intensity silenced us. An attendant comes with cold water and a cold compress to alleviate discomfort, and you can bail at any point if the building heat gets to be too much. However, after the bath, the brushing & showering off of cedar, and the ensuing massage, one walks out with a glow that starts at your solar plexus!!

—Linda P., Mill Valley, CA,  (Trip Advisor)

What a amazing place.  From the sleepy back roads of Freestone (population 50) of Sonoma County you are suddenly transported to a beautiful meditation garden in Japan. The owner got it perfect from the location carefully position in the most charming and unassuming town just outside the fog belt (well done!) to the immaculately presented gardens and grounds to the fantastic array of treatments including the wonderful enzyme treatment unique to North America.  The gardens and the grounds are just amazing. There are in fact three “formal” Japanese gardens (two of which one only gets to see when taking the enzyme treatment) and there is also the Japanese style informal gardens being the grounds themselves – which have been so subtly sculptured as to lead one first to believe that you are simply strolling through the woods at the back of the property in nature that has been left untouched. However on closer inspection you can see how much hard work has gone into crafted the paths and buildings for a serene and beautiful experience for the visitor.  I have recommended this place to everyone visiting the area knowing that no one will be disappointed by the beauty and peace of the gardens and the spa. Each time I have been the staff have been very warm and friendly. On a couple of lucky times I have met the owner and seen how his love and enthusiasm has been transferred into the property.

—M121960,  (Trip Advisor)

Osmosis was the best spa experience I have ever had!…  Osmosis feels therapeutic and homey yet oozes zen in every beautiful charming corner. With the one on one attendant, black robe, and dramatic, breathtaking views, I felt like I was treated like Japanese royalty. Entering into the tea room I was shocked at the surroundings. The cedar enzyme bath was the highlight. Incredibly relaxing, detoxifying, hilarious, and awe inspiring… Every detail felt like a ritual, with new exciting surprises unfolding from one moment to the next. Even though it wasn’t part of my “radiant skin package” after the bath, I lied down for a half hour of sound therapy. Not sure if it was because I had an hour before my next treatment, or because I was celebrating my birthday, but it was amazing. The organic facial, followed by a walk through the epic zen meditation garden, topped the whole luxurious, 5 hour stay off. I left eating a crisp apple feeling like I was levitating!

—Ben S., San Francisco, CA,  (Yelp)

Amazing place to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with ones’ spirit! My family gave it to me for a Mother’s Day gift! I spent entire day in the sanctuary of Osmosis. I chose the Lymph Massage, the spectacular enzyme bath, and meditated in the gardens!. Incredible people giving the treatments, indescribably beautiful surroundings, and an overall blissful experience.

Willing to go back at the drop of a dime!

—Holly F, Petaluma, CA,  (Yelp)

Luckily, the spa at our Sonoma area hotel was undergoing renovations and we found ourselves at Osmosis. What a lucky turn of events! A group of us (about 6 women) were each booked for a [cedar enzyme] foot bath followed by massages (each in our own outdoor pagoda) and a facial. Every bit of our experience was fantastic. Had one of the best massages ever… Everything about the property is serene and relaxing. Absolutely worth a drive to Freestone, CA if you’re in coastal Sonoma County. Osmosis is like an oasis in the middle of nowhere!

—Elko11, Marblehead, MA,  (Trip Advisor)

I dream of this place on a regular basis.  Everytime I have gone here I leave feeling invigorated, giddy, rejuvinated, and glowing.  It is a sensational spa and their work ethic and business are rock solid… I really like how this spa is one of the leading spas of its kind to have a small carbon footprint and be environmentally responsible.  

—Shoshana K., Indianapolis, IN,  (Yelp)

Let me simply say that this place is what I like to call ‘Redonkulous’. As in wonderful-everything-you-could-ask-for amazeballs day spa…  I used to work at a day spa so it’s always nice to be the client elsewhere and see how things are done. I was responsible for organizing a day for a bachelorette party of 5 ladies. Each girl received a massage (the bachelorette also got a Cedar Enzyme Bath), time in the hammock garden (everyone should have a hammock garden), and a special lunch prepared by high school kids learning to become chefs. Very cool… [My massage therapist] took her time warming up my muscles and then took her time working out my trouble spots (of which I have many)… I felt like I had a new body, all the tension in my neck and shoulders having melted away… After our time in the hammocks, we were escorted to a little picnic bench by a creek where our lunch was set out with a pitcher of strawberry lemon water. It was all wonderful and healthy. Seemed like a great way to continue taking care of our bodies after the bodywork… Needless to say, we were already talking about the next time we could come back and do this again. Everything was worth every penny spent. Thank you Osmosis and Namaste!

—Nicole T., Morgan Hills, CA,  (Yelp)

We love Osmosis, and come 2-3 times a year. Even for those of us who seek out hot springs, massage centers, and spas, this place is a true find. The hot cedar enzyme ‘bath’ is one-of-a-kind. You sit in this fragrant composting pile of cedar sawdust and it warms you to the bones – like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. After 30 minutes, they dig you out and you go outside with a hand broom to sweep off the fresh cedar (like beach sand, you may find bits for days after in creases and crevices). Then you toodle upstairs in a state of deep muscular relaxation from the heat for a massage by a skilled technician. After all of that, you go outside to lie in the hammocks and listen to ambient noise while rocking in the breeze.  A trip to paradise! (And run by incredibly nice people. Plus, the bakery and antique store in the hamlet of Freestone are fun destinations that make the whole trip worthwhile.)

—Karen N., Mill Valley, CA,  (Yelp)