Secluded Pagodas

Along the wooded banks of Salmon Creek are four private pagodas: the perfect spot for a blissful massage.

These light, airy, wooden—and heated—enclosures are available all year round, offering the opportunity to experience bodywork as you never have before.

To reach the pagodas, walk through the bamboo forest, where you’ll pass the meditation garden before approaching our infinity fountain. Here you’ll meet your massage therapist who will guide you to your own secluded sanctuary amidst the trees.

Elevate your experience with a pagoda massage for an additional $25.

Osmosis Infinity Fountain

Our unique infinity fountain is a beautiful work of art on its own, and draws on principles of “flowform” as derived from the ideas of Austrian mystic Rudolf Steiner that explore the healing properties of water.  Its curved pathways allow water to flow in an interconnecting pattern, simulating and enhancing natural formations such as mountain streams. These unique shapes generate soothing rhythmic sounds, mimicking the pulse of a heart beat, and are believed to energize the water and shift the energy surrounding it.