Japanese History

Japanese Cedar Enzyme Bath
Though the first known modern Cedar Enzyme Bath was established in the 1940s in Hokkaido, Japan, its history dates back centuries.  This unique healing experience grows out of ancient Japanese traditions wherein fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, seaweed, and other life forms were harvested at their prime and processed into salves and tonics for healing wounds and other ailments.

In its contemporary form, the Cedar Enzyme Bath received international attention in 1972 when it was offered at the Olympic Games in Sapporo, Japan as an opportunity for athletes to quickly recover from the stress of exertion.  Over the past half century, many parts of Japan have adopted it, often in clinical environments that promote its therapeutic benefits.

At Home in Northern California

Osmosis founder Michael Stusser discovered the bath and its many transformative properties in the 1980s, while studying traditional gardening and Zen in Japan.  After plunging into his own spiritual experience, he became dedicated to bringing the bath’s history home to the US to share its ritual and wellness benefits.  Upon returning from Japan, he built a small prototype on a friend’s ranch in Sebastopol, and later moved Osmosis to our current location in Freestone, where he has continued to cultivate unique healing experiences.  In addition to our signature Cedar Enzyme Bath, Osmosis provides a holistic menu of spa services as well as extensive gardens, walking paths, and other opportunities to experience the vitality of the living world.

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Enjoy the bliss that this ancient Japanese healing ritual brings.
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