Osmosis pagoda massage
Be transformed by the gifted touch of an expert massage practitioner in our serene spa or in a private pagoda in a wooded paradise.
Explore our truly state-of-the-art Specialty Massage offerings, you will be amazed at the level of healing and improved sense of well being that one treatment can bring.
Massages at Osmosis grant 75-minutes of treatment time with your practitioner.


Book NowNEW! The Osmosis Fusion Massage

75-minutes      $159 per person

With just the right touch of East and West, our signature Osmosis Fusion massage will leave you relaxed and revitalized. This fresh approach to massage integrates the long strokes of Swedish-Esalen massage, with the rejuvenating techniques of Shiatsu, Thai, and Chinese massage, including essential oil aroma-acupressure.

Traditional Massage

Book NowSwedish/Esalen

75-minutes $139 per person

Swedish Massage focuses on relaxation with light to medium pressure using a variety of techniques, massaging in the same direction as the blood flow back to the heart. Esalen Massage originated at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur and uses long, flowing full-body strokes for full body connection and awareness. All our gifted Massage Therapists incorporate both Swedish and Esalen techniques, as well as other modalities, to best address your individual needs.

Book NowFirm Swedish

75-minutes      $149 per person

Enjoy the relaxing benefits of Swedish massage incorporating a wide range of techniques and modalities to address your needs, all with firmer pressure to deepen the therapeutic benefits.

Book NowDeep Tissue Massage

75-minutes    $159 per person

Deep pressure is used to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia where aches and pains are held. Your Massage Therapist will start with Swedish techniques to warm the tissue before moving into deeper work. Deep Tissue Massage can help with chronic pain, pinched nerves, injury rehabilitation, osteoarthritis, postural problems and limited range of motion. Included in your service is Naturopathica’s organic Sweet Birch Muscle rub to soothe sore muscles and organic Arnica Gel to relieve your joints.

Specialty Massage

Book NowEssential Meridian Massage

75-minutes    $159 per person

Move beyond relaxation and into the realms of balanced health and vitality.  This modality blends two systems of healing into one. The session begins with Chinese Massage, a brisk-paced revitalizing form that works to move energy through the meridians.  Opening flow in these pathways clears tension, stress and held emotion. This is followed by the application of essential oils to acupressure points. These are carefully chosen to address your health concerns. This process is more quiet and meditative, cultivating deep relaxation.  A variety of health issues can be addressed with this technique, including digestive discomforts, menstrual or menopausal imbalances, sleep difficulties, fatigue, inflammation and much more. To extend the healing received through this session, you will receive instructions from your practitioner on how to apply essential oils at home.

Book NowLymphatic

75-minutes    $159 per person

The lymphatic system is responsible for moving fluid and waste through body and for regulating the immune system. When the lymphatic system becomes blocked, the entire system backs up and becomes toxic, making us feel sluggish and more susceptible to illness. By stimulating this system through massage, lymph works more efficiently, which in turn boosts the immune system, clears blockages, eliminates toxins, transports nutrients to cells, increases metabolism, and may even help with cellulite. Lymphatic massage is lighter and slower than traditional Swedish massage. Most people find it deeply relaxing as well as beneficial to their health. Complete with dry brush exfoliation and instruction.

Book NowSports Massage

75-minutes    $159 per person

Sports Massage is the perfect modality for someone who is active, athletic, or wants a more revitalizing massage experience. This brisker-paced style of massage increases circulation, reduces fatigue, addresses any muscle soreness due to extended or over use, and helps prevent injuries. Because this modality incorporates ranging the joints and stretching, you will leave feeling more open and flexible. While Sports Massage will benefit anyone, it is the perfect preparation of body and mind for optimal athletic performance. Included in your service is Naturopathica’s organic Sweet Birch Muscle rub to soothe sore muscles and organic Arnica Gel to relieve your joints.

Book NowThai

75-minutes    $159 per person
90-minutes    $189 per person

This modality works with the body’s energy, applying gentle palm and thumb pressure to specific points along energy lines, and incorporating extensive, yoga-like stretching. An ancient healing tradition, Thai massage is a relaxing and harmonizing treatment that balances the deeper circulation of energy in the body, improves vitality, and enhances flexibility levels. This modality is done wearing loose, comfortable clothing either on a special floor futon or a massage table (without sheets or oils). Pagodas can accommodate table style only.

Book NowShiatsu

75-minutes    $159 per person
90-minutes    $189 per person

This ancient form of Japanese massage balances the body/mind with gentle stretches and finger pressure on points along energy pathways. Shiatsu has a deeply relaxing yet energizing effect, producing increased vitality and a sense of well being. We offer the traditional floor mat version as well as the table version. Both are done wearing loose, comfortable clothing (without sheets or oils). Floor Shiatsu is not available in Pagodas.

Book NowSlim & Tone Treatment

75-minutes    $169 per person

Vigorous sculpting massage helps break up adipose tissue, stimulating the release of cellulite and toxins, while gentle lymphatic massage cleanses the body of impurities and enhances overall health. Special attention is paid to the tummy, thighs, buttocks and love handles. Potent slimming products include extracts of fig tree bud, caffeine, capsicum, cinnamon and menthol, to stimulate the breakdown of fats and increase lymphatic drainage. With extra attention to the legs and stimulating circulation, this treatment also feels great for people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Book NowIntegrated Reflexology

75-minutes    $149 per person

Relaxing Swedish massage techniques are combined with reflexology point work on the hands and feet for the best of both worlds. Enjoy a soothing full-body massage with areas of need addressed through reflexology zones on the hands and feet. Use of Naturopathica’s Lemon Verbena Hand Cream and Peppermint Foot Cream further enhance your experience.

Book NowReiki and Reflexology

75-minutes    $149 per person

Two powerful forms of energy work are combined together for holistic wellness. Reiki is Japanese energy work that can address the entire body on a physical, mental and emotional level. Reflexology utilizes points on the hands and feet that correspond to other areas in the body. Combined with massage of the neck and scalp, this treatment will bring balance and harmony while addressing the areas that always need attention. This treatment can be received while wearing loose comfortable clothing. Naturopathica’s Lemon Verbena Hand Cream and Peppermint Foot Cream are used to massage the hands and feet.

Book NowPregnancy Massage

75-minutes    $159 per person

This treatment supports and nurtures the mother-to-be. Specialized massage techniques and bolsters ensure complete relaxation and comfort even late in pregnancy. Prenatal massage helps relieve muscle cramps, reduce stress on weight-bearing joints and improves circulation which can reduce swelling. Please check with your doctor first if you are having any complications with your pregnancy.

Massage Enhancements

Book NowCouples Massage

Shared Room, Additional $5 per person

Enjoy any massage in a shared room to make your experience extra special! Not available for Floor Thai, Floor Shiatsu, or Essential Meridian Massage or in the Pagodas.

Book NowAromatherapy Massage Oils

$10 Additional with your massage

Unwind and release with aromatherapy oil blends. Choose one of the many vegan and gluten-free oil blends that use therapeutic properties of organic plant extracts and essential oils to heal the mind and body and deepen the benefits of massage.

Book NowOrganic Scalp Therapy

$30 Additional with your massage or facial

Nurture yourself with this relaxing therapy devoted to your scalp and hair. This nourishing treatment adds an additional 15 minutes of luxurious massage to your treatment with certified organic ginger root and lemongrass essential oils to nourish your scalp and hair while enlivening the senses. Ginger root is warming, clears the mind and controls dandruff. Lemongrass oil enhances the fullness, body and shine of your hair and regulates oil production in the scalp. These botanicals also help relieve jet lag, depression and fatigue.

Book NowOutdoor Pagoda Massage

$20 Add-On

Enhance your massage experience by communing with nature in a secluded pagoda along the forested banks of Salmon Creek. The light and airy wooden enclosures provide the ideal setting for the ultimate massage. These enclosures are heated when necessary. Our Pagodas are on a series of gravel trails towards the back of our property, a moderate walk is involved. Not available for couples, Floor Thai or Floor Shiatsu massages or during inclement weather.

Prices subject to change without notice.