Osmosis pagoda massage
Be transformed by the gifted touch of an expert massage practitioner in our serene spa or in a private pagoda in a wooded paradise.
Explore our truly state-of-the-art Specialty Massage offerings, you will be amazed at the level of healing and improved sense of well being that one treatment can bring.
Massages at Osmosis grant 70-minutes of treatment time with your practitioner.


Book NowThe Osmosis Fusion Massage

70-minutes      $195 per person

With just the right combination of East and West, our signature Osmosis Fusion massage will leave you relaxed and revitalized. This fresh approach to massage integrates the long strokes of Swedish-Esalen massage with the rejuvenating techniques of Shiatsu, Thai, and Chinese massage, including essential oil aroma-acupressure.

Book NowSwedish-Esalen Massage

70-minutes $175 per person

A light or moderate pressure massage, Swedish techniques are integrated with Esalen’s long, flowing, full-body strokes to nurture full-body awareness and connection, with a wide range of complementary techniques to best address your individual needs.

Book NowFirm Swedish Massage

70-minutes      $185 per person

Enjoy the relaxing benefits of Swedish, incorporating a wide variety of massage techniques to address focused areas, all with firmer pressure to deepen the therapeutic benefits.

Book NowDeep Tissue Massage

70-minutes    $195 per person

After warming the muscles and connective tissue, deep pressure is used to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia where pain and tension are held. Can help with chronic pain, pinched nerves, injury rehabilitation, postural problems and limited range of motion. Included in your service is Naturopathica’s organic Sweet Birch Muscle Rub and Arnica Gel.

Book NowLymphatic Drainage Massage

70-minutes    $195 per person

Stimulating the lymphatic system with massage helps boost the immune system, eliminate toxins, increase metabolism, and may even help with cellulite. Lymphatic massage is lighter and slower than traditional Swedish massage and is deeply relaxing to the nervous system, as well as beneficial to your health. Complete with dry brush exfoliation and instruction. Aromatherapy included.

Book NowSports Massage

70-minutes    $195 per person

The perfect modality for someone who is active, athletic, or wants a more revitalizing massage experience. This brisker-paced style of massage increases circulation, reduces fatigue, addresses any muscle soreness due to extended or over-use, and helps prevent injuries. Incorporating range techniques for the joints and stretching, Sports Massage can benefit anyone. Included in your service is Naturopathica’s organic Sweet Birch Muscle Rub and Arnica Gel.

Book NowPregnancy Massage

70-minutes    $195 per person

This treatment supports and nurtures the mother-to-be. Specialized massage techniques and pillows ensure complete relaxation and comfort even late in pregnancy. Prenatal massage helps relieve muscle cramps, reduce stress on weight-bearing joints and improves circulation which can reduce swelling. Studies have shown prenatal massage to improve labor outcomes and mother/baby health. Please check with your doctor first if you are having any complications with your pregnancy. Aromatherapy included.

Book NowBarefoot Massage

70-minutes    $195 per person

Drawing from a variety of foot-based massage techniques from around the globe, this massage is performed almost entirely with the practitioner’s feet, using cream or oil. Therapists use bars on the ceiling to manipulate their body weight to be able to provide a variety of pressure levels for a truly therapeutic experience. Utilizing the broad, firm pressure offered by the feet, this modality is both thoroughly relaxing and highly effective at releasing myofascial tension and working through deeper layers of muscle tissue. This is the perfect massage for anyone who loves a deep pressure massage, but is also appropriate for everyone.

Book NowSeaweed Moisturizing Body Treatment

70-minutes    $195 per person

This full body treatment begins with an exfoliating dry brush massage, followed by layering a warm, mineral-rich seaweed serum infused with aromatic Japanese Ume Plum extracts to revitalize the skin. A detailed massage with a Sea Fennel Massage Wax will deeply seal in the moisture for a silky, satin finish. Also included is a Lemongrass-Mimosa foot scrub with Gotu Kola Healing Balm to help moisten and heal dry skin of the feet.    

Book NowT’ui Na Massage

70-minutes    $195 per person

This active style of Chinese Meridian Massage releases deeply held tension and helps increase the flow of Chi (energy) in the body. Combining rocking, compression, stretching and joint mobilization, T’ui Na clears blockages, revitalizes your energy, and opens the joints for great ease in movement. Afterward, feel both relaxed and energized. (Please bring comfortable loose clothing to wear).

Massage Enhancements

The following treatments may be added to your massage: