Massage Enhancements

Couples Massage

Shared room, $20 Additional with your massage


15 minutes    $30 Additional with your massage

Enhance your massage with 15 minutes devoted to foot massage using reflexology techniques to calm your nervous system and to nurture organ systems throughout the body.

Organic Scalp Therapy

15 minutes     $30 Additional with your massage or facial

Nurture yourself with this relaxing therapy devoted to your scalp and hair. This nourishing treatment adds an additional 15 minutes of luxurious massage to your treatment with certified organic ginger root and lemongrass essential oils to nourish your scalp and hair while enlivening the senses. Ginger root is warming, clears the mind and controls dandruff. Lemongrass oil enhances the fullness, body and shine of your hair and regulates oil production in the scalp. These botanicals also help relieve jet lag, depression and fatigue.

CBD Enhancement

$20 Additional with your massage

Deepen the benefits of your massage with hemp-derived cannabidiol, CBD, long used for its healing benefits. Vital Body combines a variety of thoughtfully sourced biological ingredients, including essential oils and terpenes, with CBD for maximum absorption and efficacy. This product is designed to stimulate your own endocannabinoid system, associated with reducing pain and inflammation, calming the nervous system, and regulating sleep.

Outdoor Pagoda Massage

$22 Add-on

Enhance your massage experience by communing with nature in a secluded pagoda along the forested banks of Salmon Creek. The light and airy wooden enclosures provide the ideal setting for the ultimate massage. These enclosures are heated when necessary. Our Pagodas are on a series of gravel trails towards the back of our property, a moderate walk is involved. Not available for couples or during inclement weather.

Aromatherapy Bar

$10 Additional with your massage

Deepen the benefits of your massage with a customized aromatherapy blend. Your massage therapist will assist you in choosing from our aromatherapy bar the perfect combination of essential oils to enhance your massage and address your individual concerns.

Gua Sha Add-in

$20 Additional with your massage

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese practice that uses a gemstone scraping tool to help promote drainage of lymphatic fluid, increase circulation throughout the body and tone the skin. Our Osmosis Gua Sha massage is gentle and non-invasive; it both helps relax the nervous system, decrease inflammation and clear areas of stagnation.