Osmosis Word Cloud

Osmosis WordleWe recently asked some of our guests to describe Osmosis in one word, and their responses were great. Armed with that information we’ve created a word cloud. This is the visual representation of a group of words where the words repeated the most are the largest and those chosen less are smaller… it’s an interesting representation of a group of words or thoughts.

Earth Day

Solar collectorsDo you remember the very first Earth Day 41 years ago? What I most remember is my teacher, gardener Alan Chadwick saying, “if we could just take care of the top seven inches of the earth’s surface (i.e. the top soil), the rest would take care of itself.” Inspired by Chadwick, I spent a decade in the 70’s living, working and teaching in horticultural collectives. We made nearly everything from recycled materials, built solar houses, gave garden workshops and produced a significant amount of our own food.

The Art of Convening

genentechEver since meeting Craig Neal years ago at a Social Ventures Network meeting, I have been interested in his life work, or “the art of convening.” So often the meetings I participate in — especially phone conferences — seem to fall short of realizing their potential. It’s always been a big question for me: how do we make our shared interests and passions come to fruition in the most meaningful and effective ways?

I got my chance to examine this question more fully when I participated in a Thought Leaders gathering last Friday at Genentech, a company located south of San Francisco. More than 80 people had assembled to celebrate the completion of the book Craig and his wife Patricia have been working on for many years: The Art of Convening: Authentic Engagement in Meetings, Gatherings, and Conversations.

The Salmon are Coming Back

Osmosis-Salmon-Creek-CohoThe salmon are coming back,
five words that contain a world of hope.

A dozen years ago poet and activist Gary Snyder* came to Osmosis. His vanguard writings on Buddhism and the environment have been a major inspiration in my life, and it’s a rare experience to meet someone who’s been so influential. After his treatments, I went over to the spa to greet him and show him the back part of the property. This was before the meditation garden, and I wanted to share with him my vision for the garden, and the aspirations of our community to restore the salmon run in the Salmon Creek, which forms the western boarder of Osmosis for 1,000 feet.