Osmosis Word Cloud

Osmosis WordleWe recently asked some of our guests to describe Osmosis in one word, and their responses were great. Armed with that information we’ve created a word cloud. This is the visual representation of a group of words where the words repeated the most are the largest and those chosen less are smaller… it’s an interesting representation of a group of words or thoughts.

This is a fun project you can do with any group of words, and there are free generators online. We used Wordle to do this one, you can check it out, and try it yourself.

Word Clouds can be a fun way to display group feedback, or to map a brainstorming session. If you look closely at our cloud, maybe you will agree with the prominent words, or maybe you will see that something is missing. Let us know in the comments section below. The task was to give one-word, and adjective, to describe Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary. You can get a look at a bigger version here.