A Field of Hammocks

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Build it and they will rest…”

Guests attending our fabulous Bastille Day event on July 14 were the first to see the new addition to Osmosis: our field of hammocks.

The story actually begins seven months ago, back in January, when we met with our most loyal guests to share our gratitude for their support. We enjoyed a long and productive discussion about the Oz experience, and asked what else they would like to enjoy here. Their answer? A place to rest. In fact, this question generated quite a few ideas, and in the end what emerged was a vision for a ‘field of hammocks.’

We at Osmosis took this idea to heart and have been working diligently for months to make it a reality. The idea of hammocks aligns perfectly with our intention to become more of a vitality center supporting a lifestyle of optimal health. As it turns out, quality of rest is one of the most essential components to feeling good and up to your game. Insomnia affects more than a third of adults at some point in their lives. The 24/7 digital blitz we are subjected to in our current cultural milieu is taking its toll on our nervous systems and our ability to fully engage in the sacred and simple act of rest. Without a doubt, lounging outside in the beauty and quiet of the Freestone Valley along Salmon Creek is the perfect antidote.

First, we began the search on our property for an ideal place to put hammocks.

Many of you may remember that this property was a junkyard before Osmosis, and we had to remove over 400 cubic yards of debris to clear the way to build the spa! At that time we found a few good timbers and other items that we deemed too good to dispose of. So we stacked everything up along the bank of the creek, built a fence around it and forgot it. Berry vines and willows grew over the area, and gradually it disappeared. Until last March, when our gung ho facilities department began working away to clear the area and transform it into a magical creekside setting for rest and relaxation. Our very own employees designed and built this unique oasis, using local and re-purposed materials whenever possible.

Now complete, this sublime little haven contains six hammocks as well as three Giant umbrellas to lend calming shade. To further enhance the relaxation experience we are providing healing sound therapy. Each guest will be given an MP3 player and headphones so they can listen to the meta-music programs we’ve been using in our blanket wraps at the spa for over 20 years. These sessions balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain and lower brain wave activity to the delta and theta ranges. This produces the kind of restorative rest that one experiences in deep stage sleep.

The Field of hammocks at Osmosis will be available to spa guests in conjunction with whatever other services they choose. We’re excited to announce this delightful ‘value add’ for our guests, maximize the therapeutic services we provide at Osmosis, and to enjoy all the possibilities our property offers. Crawl into one of our hammocks, do a little swayin’ in the breeze, and heal.