Osmosis Changes Name of Vision Quest to Day Long Spa Retreat out of Respect for Native Americans

FrancisRico_HeadshotWords can mean many things to many people.

Clearly the name “vision quest” is a legacy from the Native American tradition that has a very specific meaning to Native American culture. Out of respect for that tradition and the legacy from which it comes we will no longer be naming and marketing our daylong spa retreats as a “one-day vision quest”.

Francis Rico (aka Francis “Frank” Hayhurst) is the teacher facilitator who is leading participants in our spa retreat. He has studied in Peru over many years with Jorge Delgado, and in Mexico with don Miguel Ruiz. Francis has worked extensively with Picurus/Ute Native American mystic and visionary Shaman Joseph Rael – Beautiful Painted Arrow – who says of Francis’s new book “Francis Rico in A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty connects the reader to the radiant essence of revelation – he frees us to live inside Divine Presence.” This book was published by the Tris Foundation, whose mission is to discover and publish indigenous wisdom and emerging voices in order to enliven and renew the contemporary culture.

All three of his teachers have given him their blessing to represent their teachings – Jorge Delgado recognizes Francis as a Chacaruna, don Miguel made him a Toltec Teacher and Guide, and Joseph Rael authorized him to use the title of Shaman, and instructed him to carry wisdom practices and teachings forward. (See bio info below)

Regarding facilitating retreats at Osmosis, Francis says “Osmosis is so much more than just a spa, it truly is a healing sanctuary – and using the beauty of the grounds and facilities to deepen peoples connection with their purpose is a natural evolution and proper use of what has been created there – I do not use traditional sacred ways, but rather, take full advantage of the resources and beauty of Osmosis. I am happy to meet and discuss this with anyone who is concerned – please contact me at francis@shamanzone.com.”

I think we can all agree that we have reached a critical point in our history as a species on the planet. There is a huge lack of vision in our contemporary western culture. The intention of our day-long retreats at Osmosis is to help support people to tap into a deeper vision for their lives. We wish do so in a manner that is mindful and respectful of Native American traditions.

Biographical information:

Born of a Spanish mother and a Basque/Tongva (southern Chumash) father, Francis has great respect for the wisdom traditions of indigenous people, and sensitivity to the issues that face them. His grandfather (his mother’s father) was a Maketo Shaman, and his grandmother (his father’s mother) was a Currandera, a native healer. Francis has led many West County community ceremonies for Peace, including the dedication of the Peace Park in Sebastopol with Native American Storyteller and musicians Albert Tenaya. Francis has led ceremonies celebrating the Solstices and Equinoxes on the North Coast for over 20 years. He continues to work with Beautiful Painted Arrow -Native American Elder Joseph Rael – on programs to educate and advance the planting and cultivation of indigenous plants, and their use in fighting the diabetes epidemic that threatens the health of so many native people. Francis is producing a 20 minute video on this topic featuring Joseph working with southern Ute school children, teaching them planting, dancing and ceremony.