Entries by Michael Stusser

A Field of Hammocks

“Build it and they will rest…” Guests attending our fabulous Bastille Day event on July 14 were the first to see the new addition to Osmosis: our field of hammocks.

Earth Day

Do you remember the very first Earth Day 41 years ago? What I most remember is my teacher, gardener Alan Chadwick saying, “if we could just take care of the […]

The Art of Convening

Ever since meeting Craig Neal years ago at a Social Ventures Network meeting, I have been interested in his life work, or “the art of convening.” So often the meetings […]

The Salmon are Coming Back

The salmon are coming back, five words that contain a world of hope. A dozen years ago poet and activist Gary Snyder* came to Osmosis. His vanguard writings on Buddhism […]