Your Winter Medicinal Tonic

There is nothing like jumping into the warm embrace of our Cedar Enzyme Bath to increase circulation and metabolism.

Thriving with billions of micro-organisms, the bath heats you to the core plus vitalizes your internal and external microbiome. This powerful detox melts stress away and settles emotions.

Guests are transformed every day, relaxed, radiant and elated. Combine with heart-centered massage and skin care at our six-acre secluded sanctuary with authentic Japanese gardens. Remember, we are now open evenings.

Reach out to our Guest Services team at 707-823-8231, or visit, to book your experience today!

The Perfect Holiday Strategy!

Avoid shopping centers and online eye blur. Book some pre-holiday self care spa time at Osmosis and shop leisurely for gifts you will not find elsewhere.

We are ready for the holiday season and our shop is filled with fabulous unique items ready for gifting. And, as always, gift certificates are so easy.

People, Get Ready! Save The Date For Our Winter Solstice Ritual On Tuesday, December 19th

We are thrilled to have Snow Raven, Zarina, return to Osmosis to lead our Winter Solstice Ritual on Tuesday, December 19.

In the years since her first appearance here, she has gone on to become a nationally recognized talent. Her roots are Siberian shamanic alchemy. Her performance is spellbinding. Not to be missed.

Register to join us for this purpose-filled event.