Complete Renewal with NEW Organic, Medical-Grade Facials

At Osmosis, our unwavering commitment to delivering an authentic and nurturing skincare journey has set the foundation for something truly extraordinary. We are thrilled to announce an exciting chapter in our story, as of September 1st, with the introduction of a remarkable range of medical-grade facials. Embrace the magic of transformation as we proudly partner with KPS Essentials Skincare.


This collaboration brings to light an innovative line of entirely organic, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free products designed to not just address, but conquer complex skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, severe dryness, and scarring.


The remarkable results we’ve experienced firsthand have left us awe-inspired, and we are absolutely confident that our guests will bask in this same radiant magic.

Discover the essence of KPS Essentials that sets them apart – a swift, unparalleled efficacy. Delve deeper, and uncover the exceptional bioavailability that propels their products into a league of their own.


This ensures that the nourishing, nutrient-rich ingredients dive deep into your skin, igniting its innate healing prowess and revealing a luminous transformation from within.


KPS visionaries and co-founders, Natalie Novak and Ron Webb, have ingeniously refined product ingredients into a readily absorbed masterpiece, empowering your skin to rewrite its own story of rejuvenation.

At the core of KPS EssentialsKind, Pure, Smart –  lies an unwavering belief in harnessing the power of nature. Starting with the finest sustainable, organic, and food-grade ingredients, they unveil their patented DermaNū technology. This revolutionary approach metamorphoses these exquisite elements into a supreme bioavailable version, creating the perfect stage for your skin’s remarkable journey of renewal and rebirth.


Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure where your skin’s fullest potential is realized.


Osmosis and KPS Essentials Skincare beckon you to be part of a radiant revolution, where authenticity, innovation, and transformative magic converge. Welcome to the future of skincare, where your journey towards luminosity begins.

The accomplished esthetics team at Osmosis is now fully trained by the KPS founders on the use of the products and are very enthusiastic to share them with our guests.

KPS recently won an award with Hello Gorgeous for their oncology facial products. 

See press release:  2023 KPS Essentials Press Release

Written by Heather Bishop, Operations Director at Osmosis Day Spa