Embracing Summer, 5 Mindful ways to Find Harmony in Nature

As we stand on the threshold of a new season, we invite you to enjoy a little guided meditation we put together, just for you. Just as one can use mindfulness to center and embrace the present moment, may the Read the rest

Sonoma County overhead

Journey into West Sonoma County and Beyond

Welcome to West Sonoma County! The Bohemian Highway, winding through towering redwoods and scenic pastures, connects timeless townships like Freestone and Occidental, CA. This 10-mile stretch defies neat categorization, serving as the pulse of West County and a gateway Read the rest

A Rewarding Journey Through Couples Massage Therapy

Do you ever feel like life is moving on turbo speed, and all you want is some time to slow down and connect with the important people in your life?  Whether you’re busy with work, kids, family or any of … Read the rest

Embrace Radiance: Exploring Jane Iredale’s Sustainable Beauty Care

In an era where sustainability and conscientious consumption reign supreme, Jane Iredale emerges as a beacon of hope in the beauty industry. With a commitment to environmental responsibility and ethical practices, Jane Iredale’s sustainable beauty care sets a new standard … Read the rest

Join Community At Soft Medicine For Talk, Tea, And Good Times!

Join Us at 6:30pm on Wednesday, March 20th for Conversation + Tea at Soft Medicine!

Register To Join Here!

This is a special invitation to meet with an international leader in wholistic health who will talk on “Ancient Future Medicine” … Read the rest