PHYTS Sérum Multi-Vita


A water-based firming serum rich in vitamins and minerals preserving collagen and elastin fibers.

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This aqueous anti-aging serum is an instant firming treatment. Contains a cocktail of multivitamin active ingredients, including Cévéblé, which reinforces supporting tissue by slowing down the deterioration of elastic fibers and protecting collagen. The net effect is to showcase firmer and youthfully radiant skin.


Active Ingredients include:

  • Ceveble : With anti-age ceramids. Helps to smooth lines and wrinkles. Anti-free radical.
  • Carrot beta-carotene : Accelerates cell renewal.
  • Yeast : Regenerates.
  • Acerola Vitamin C/Vitamin E : Antioxidant.
  • Sunflower VO : Nourishes, maintains hydration.
  • Lemon EO : Anti-aging and lightening action.
  • Gentian EO : Tones, gives the skin radiance.
  • Hybrid Lavender EO : Soothes.