Baiemu Koso Enzyme Powder


An enzyme preparation used in the tea service to compliment the metabolic processes that occur during  the cedar enzyme bath treatments at Osmosis.

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Made from over 25 different organically grown plants, Baiemu Koso  is a digestive aid that is soothing to the whole body and koso (enzyme powder) is a medicinal staple in many Japanese pantries. After several trips to Japan and considerable research, we have selected what appears to be the best of the enzyme powders available. Our producer is committed to the use of foods that are grown free of pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers. Add to your favorite herbal tea preparation. As with ingesting any product with medicinal properties, check with your doctor if you are currently living with conditions that require taking ongoing medication.

Instructions for use:

The enzyme powder can be taken as often as you wish. The recommended amount for each use is about 2/3 tsp or 3 grams. Most effective when mixed with warm or hot liquid and taken during or after meal. Do not boil the enzymes.

Keep enzymes refrigerated after opening. Best to use entire jar within 1-3 months as there are no preservatives. Do not give to children 4 yrs or under. Children over 4 yrs, give 1/2 tsp.

Ingredients: (information from maker)

Raw materials include: grapes, apples, pears, strawberries, melons, bananas, papayas, wild grapes, wild peaches, figs, Akebi (wild mountain fruit of Japan), Matatabi (Actinidia), swamp medlar, seaweed and more. Finally chopped, then subject to reverse osmotic pressure (by means of a saccharide) which leaves the powder extraction of the essence of these plants and fruits. The powder is then allowed to sit and ferment for a long time using lactic acid bacteria and yeast.

300 grams (.66 lb)