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Pure Radiance Facial at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary

PHYT’S Certified Organic Facial

Phyt's Organic Facial at OsmosisDo you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body? Using PHYT’S Certified Organic and Natural Skin Care products, offers a non-toxic option to conventional chemical based cosmetics. PHYT’S helps to prevent signs of aging, rejuvenate cells and makes you look radiant and feel great. Choosing PHYT’S Certified Organic Skin Care products not only takes care of your body, but promotes the sustainability of our planet for future generations.

At Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary, we are proud to have partnered with PHYT’S for over nine years. This Certified Organic and Natural skin care line from France, with a 45 year history, has never used synthetic ingredients in their cosmetic formulas. What sets PHYT’S facials apart is their unique patented method using glass ampoules for their packaging. This method insures the freshness of the contents of each ampoule without the use of any synthetic preservatives. Once the ampoules are opened the contents are just as fresh and active as the day they were created. With respect for the environment in all manufacturing stages, PHYT’S offers not only Certified Organic, but effective products to create a perfect harmony with one’s skin. Under the control of dermatological testing for efficiency, PHYT’S Bio-Active ingredients from nature offer excellent proven results, without the harmful effects of toxic chemicals. When receiving any PHYT’S facial at Osmosis, you will experience a beautiful concentration of products rich in vitamins, minerals and Certified Organic – plant extracts, essential oils, cold pressed carrier oils to treat your skin and bring radiance balance and pure relaxation. Visible results based on science and nature. Book your appointment today. Trust your face into the expert hands of our PHYT’S trained aestheticians.


Osmosis esthetician in France

Osmosis esthetician, Azja Light, traveled as a guest of the PHYT’S US Distributor to the production facility and training center of our exclusive French skin care line, PHYT’S. She received a week of training in the origins, facial techniques and uses of these outstanding products.

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