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Osmosis Winter Solstice Ritual

winter solstice


$25 Admission


Join Us On December 22


Join us for an inspiring morning ritual of music and meditation to celebrate the returning of the light.

This community ritual will be held in the garden sanctuary of Osmosis. It will be lead by Kiranjot Kaur. Her powerful vocals bring together ancient mantras, high frequency improvisations, and original songs that call us to deeply affirm our divine essence. Honoring the change of seasons quarterly at Osmosis is a core part of what we do here to stay congurent with the true spirit of nature. These rituals bring us back to the ‘here and now’ and support bringing a new era of coexistence with deep respect for All that walk this blessed earth.

We look forward to seeing you as the first light of the day spreads over our Japanese Garden on the morning of Winter Solstice with the accompaniment of magical sound healing.

 “Your performance shook my to my core and was exactly the resounding soundcheck I needed. It’s like the best kind of emotional release and openness, which I have needed through the season I’m going through. Hearing you for the first time live was magical and I will definitely be following your music as it comes out into the world!” – Claudia Ebel Gibson, LMT, Detroit, Oregon

“Kiranjot Kaur’s sound is exquisite, a full vibrational transformation. A drink for the cells of my Soul.”  – Megan McElroy, Musician, Teacher, Santa Cruz, CA

Vocal Amazon turned Mantra Matriarch, Kiranjot Kaur’s unique voice takes you on a journey across continents. Her powerful vocals bring together traditional mantras and original songs that call us to deeply affirm our true selves.

Kiranjot Kaur is a Vocalist, founding member of CopperWimmin, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Indian Classical music teacher and a devotee of the Divine Mother. CopperWimmin were featured on NPR program Democracy Now and their song Bleeding Rivers was featured on the Showtime television series The L Word. In 2006 Kiranjot refocused her career around classical Indian music and spent five years living and studying under the guidance of her beloved teacher Dr. Ustad Narindar Singh in Amritsar, India. From her travels through India to Chile and back she discovered that her favorite thing in this world is using her voice as a call for healing, self-love and the practice of ONENESS.

Join Us On December 22


Winter Solstice Ritual

winter solstice sound healing

A team of healers and musicians will gather in the meditation garden to conduct a sound healing ceremony. The intention is to bring all in attendance into coherence, connection and stillness.

Join us to meet the magical energy of solstice as we open a portal into the profound.

Afterward, there is an additional opportunity to extend the healing experience in a small group with sound therapy while partaking in an Enzyme Footbath.

The Cedar Enzyme Footbath follows immediately after the garden ritual.

Tickets are an additional $15 – Limited Availability.

Entry fee of $15 can be applied to any same day service.

Winter Solstice Sound Healing Ceremony

Zarina will perform an Arctic Siberian ritual to carry us away on a journey to explore our profound power to heal ourselves through sound for the Winter Solstice!

Voicing traditional songs from the Shamanic communities of Zarina’s Sakha native culture, you will hear a reindeer breath, the sounds of northern birds and animals. 

Shamanic throat singing, overtone chanting, rhythms of mind-altering states, and vibrations of the mouth harp, are to awaken the healing process of the organs and allow you to slide deep into your cells and bring forth the Blessings of the shortest day of the year! 

Afterward, a limited number of people will have an opportunity to have a deeper healing experience with sound therapy in an Enzyme Footbath.

The Cedar Enzyme Footbath immediately following the event is $15 with very limited tickets available.
Entry fee of $10 can be applied to any same day service.