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Winter Solstice Sound Healing Ceremony

Zarina will perform an Arctic Siberian ritual to carry us away on a journey to explore our profound power to heal ourselves through sound for the Winter Solstice!

Voicing traditional songs from the Shamanic communities of Zarina’s Sakha native culture, you will hear a reindeer breath, the sounds of northern birds and animals. 

Shamanic throat singing, overtone chanting, rhythms of mind-altering states, and vibrations of the mouth harp, are to awaken the healing process of the organs and allow you to slide deep into your cells and bring forth the Blessings of the shortest day of the year! 

Afterward, a limited number of people will have an opportunity to have a deeper healing experience with sound therapy in an Enzyme Footbath.

The Cedar Enzyme Footbath immediately following the event is $15 with very limited tickets available.
Entry fee of $10 can be applied to any same day service.
Now is the time for a pre-holiday reset. Melt away stress and tension in a warm and wonderful Cedar Enzyme bath. Let gifted hands  lift the weight of the world with a heart centered healing massage. We are open evenings.