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Unveiling the Secret Garden: The Cedar Enzyme Bath Experience

Originating from ancient Japanese tradition, the Cedar Enzyme Bath is a therapeutic practice that harnesses the natural detoxification properties of cedar and enzymes. This unique bath has been celebrated for its ability to promote deep relaxation while facilitating the body’s … Read the rest

Travel + Leisure Visits Osmosis And Tries The Cedar Enzyme Bath!

We were visited recently by a gifted writer, Boris Fishman, who was writing a story for Travel + Leisure about our region. Needless to say, we felt deeply grateful and excited!

The article was published in the February 2022 print

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Freestone Salmon Creek

Thirty Years in Freestone

Anniversary Message

By Michael Stusser

The inspiration for Osmosis was born in Japan the day I took my first enzyme bath in the spring of 1984.  As the healing warmth of the bath enveloped my entire body, I was relieved

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sports massage

Former Olympic Champion Uses Cedar Enzyme Bath for Training Recovery

Enjoy riding and training on the infamous roads of Sonoma County? Are you a resident or a visitor hoping to get more out of your training and riding on our beautiful roads? Wishing you could recover quicker, more completely and

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Osmosis Cedar Enzyme Bath

The Osmosis Cedar Enzyme Bath Deepens the Benefits of Massage

The heat in the Enzyme Bath is produced biologically by the activity of microorganisms, which also produce their own electrochemical environment.  When the largest organ of the body, the skin, comes in direct contact with this intense metabolic activity, the Read the rest

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