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Gua Sha add on at Osmosis

Facial Gua Sha and it’s Benefits

Facial gua sha is a form of gentle massage, using a smooth object or stone. It was adapted from the traditional body gua sha massage technique used in Chinese Medicine.

While gua sha bodywork involves vigorous and deeper pressure that’s Read the rest

What’s New at Osmosis? T’ui Na

T'ui Na MassageThis active style of Meridian Massage releases deeply held tension. Combining rocking, compression, stretching and joint mobilization, T’ui Na clears blockages, revitalizes your energy, and opens the joints for great ease in movement. This massage leaves you feeling both relaxed
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Shiatsu Massage

By Raizelah Bayen

Shiatsu massage, an Eastern-based massage modality not only relaxes, but revitalizes you.  It provides not only the calming and quieting that you would expect from a Western massage, but so much more.  It moves and balances our Read the rest