Spas Revisited: Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary

Founded 30 years ago by organic gardener and Zen practitioner Michael Stusser, Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary is truly one of a kind. I first learned of the Japanese enzyme baths from my mother, who went there for a girlfriend’s getaway some 25 years ago. I’ve had the good fortune of visiting Osmosis many times over the years. The property has blossomed from humble beginnings into an internationally-recognized wellness retreat.
My most recent visit to Osmosis was with an amazing group of spa professionals for an excursion after the Green Spa Network Buyer’s Event  “It was so fun to have everyone from around the country see what we have been able to do,” Michael told me. “Most hospitality professionals never get a chance to stay on one project for more than five to seven years; the management changes or they get lured away by a headhunter. It has been so rewarding to stay focused on one vision for 30 years.” Michael split us into two groups, one group for a tour and the other group for a group foot enzyme bath and spa treatments. He personally toured each group around the grounds, recounting the spa’s metamorphosis.


About the Author:  Nancy Griffin has been a recognized leader in the spa industry for more than 20 years. She was introduced to the business of spa in the early 90′s, when she completed Graduate Management studies at the prestigious Cornell School of Hotel Administration. She founded the spa industry’s first online community, and the SpaExec networking events. She is currently the principal of the wellness and spa marketing firm Contento Marketing Group.