Osmosis Hosts first in series of Vitality Programs

Breath-Experience-Maria-Osmosis-Vitality-MembersTo celebrate the new year*, and in our evolving effort to reflect what our clients wants in a spa, Osmosis began the first in a series of Vitality Programs on Thursday, February 3rd. It was an auspicious start, under a new moon, with trees and flowers just beginning to blossom after the heavy rains. At Osmosis, we believe that good health means more than simply the absence of pain or disease, it means vitality. So, as a community, guests and Osmosis staff gathered to discuss the nature of vitality: how it manifests, and how it benefits us. (Of course, we can’t have vitality without delicious food, so the evening began with some fabulous cheeses and wine, strawberries, stuffed mushrooms, and other ever so vital treats)!

Then we convened to our upstairs meeting room. The conversation was lead by Maria Freebairn-Smith, a practitioner of Middendorf Breathwork, whose basic principle is to establish an awareness of breath moving throughout the body, the better to create flow and balance. As part of the Vitality Program, Maria’s been working with our massage experts to incorporate breathing practices into their sessions.

It was a dialogue of lively ideas in an hour that flew past, and left us wanting more. More time to talk. More time to listen. More time to learn. Clearly, vitality is a charged word, and a quality we’re all looking for. For some of us, vitality means energy, creativity, connectedness and joy. For others, it means radiance, and a sense of possibility. Strength. Aliveness. When we have it, and when we feel it in our bodies, it translates to feelings of wholeness and fluidity, of contentment and peace. Finally, we talked about the results of vitality, and discovered that while each of us understands it a little differently, we know it to be a powerful force in our lives. We become passionate and generous; we are at ease and confident, playful and open hearted. “I feel like I can soar,” said one of our guests. “I am free,” said another.

But, how to incorporate the giving of vitality into the overall Osmosis experience? One idea that got sound approval was the possibility of being able to sleep after an enzyme bath or massage. Sometimes it’s hard to interrupt the deep sense of well being, and drive home, so we thought about different ways to keep the euphoria flowing. In the warmer seasons, we might string hammocks in the garden.. It was agreed that hammocks need not be separate, as long as the intent is silence and privacy – with perhaps a pillow and blanket thrown in!

With many more talks ahead of us, we ended the conversation here. But we’ll keep you updated as we meet over the months, and together create a program that we hope to make an ongoing and dynamic part of life at Oz. As for our first night, a most special thanks to Maria for facilitating the group, and allowing us to really and truly consider the concept of vitality.

*According to Chinese tradition, this year – the year of the Rabbit – is a time when you can catch your breath, and find calm and serenity within. Those who interpret the zodiac recommend the Rabbit as a period to create a peaceful lifestyle for yourself and those you love, and to find ways to live harmoniously with the environment, and with your community. The focus is on home, and security.