My Week of Renewal at Rancho La Puerta

I recently had the good fortune to spend a week at the almost mystical Rancho La Puerta. This place truly is the seed of the vision for the entire spa industry. A family operation since its inception in 1940, Conde Naste has named this 3,000-acre destination spa in Tecate, Mexico Best Destination Spa in the world for the second year in a row. Originally based on the health principles of the Communal Essenes (second century BCE to first century CE), their programming offers a tremendous opportunity for deep rejuvenation. After so many years, Rancho La Puerta is still worthy of its legendary reputation.

For me, the week was about giving back to myself through transformation by gaining physical strength, balance and soul replenishment.

Each of my days started with an amazing hike between boulders of every size, shape and description.

The program offers countless opportunities to work the body and mind in expansive ways. Classes range from yoga and Pilates to water aerobics and meditation led by a professional and very helpful fitness staff. One of the reasons I went to the ranch was to dance. The NIA class (a sensory-based movement practice) was a total celebration with a fabulous leader. On the last day we all pranced around to the Nutcracker Suite. Total Mirth was fully unleashed!

A writing workshop helped me to connect with soul language. We swam deeply in the rivers of challenge, surprise, inspiration and love.

Just resting in the sun on a chaise lounge listening to the birds and the wind in the warm Mexican sun was total enchantment.

Every meal was a gourmet vegetarian feast with most of the food coming straight from their seven-acre organic garden.

For me it was a superb tune-up. As the magic of the week unfolded, I experienced a special quality of alchemy that’s hard to explain. The energy of the place is truly nurturing. I met remarkable people and have some interesting new acquaintances in my life.

I was totally re-energized by this special week. The really good news is that we are exploring the possibility of creating a special week for Osmosis guests at the Ranch in 2012. This would be a time for Osmosis people to gather and grow our way towards optimal health — and leading the best life possible. As we look into this option we would love to find out, a) does this interest you?, and b) when would be the best time to go?

This is but one of many very exciting plans we have in the works for Osmosis in 2012. You will be hearing more very soon. Meanwhile I wish your intentions for the New Year contribute to filling your days with great health and vital living.