Introducing Our Newest Treatment, Deep Barefoot Massage!


We are thrilled to be able to offer this amazing and effective new modality to our valued clientele starting December 2022!

Drawing from a variety of foot-based massage techniques from around the globe, this massage is performed almost entirely with the practitioner’s feet, using cream or oil. Therapists use bars on the ceiling to manipulate their body weight to be able to provide a variety of pressure levels for a truly therapeutic experience.


Utilizing the broad, firm pressure offered by the feet, this modality is both thoroughly relaxing and highly effective at releasing myofascial tension and working through multiple layers of muscle tissue. This full body massage is appropriate for anyone who likes deep work, has an athletic body type, or has myofascial tension needing to be released.

Have you ever wished your massage therapist could penetrate your muscles and tissues more deeply? This is the modality for you, and we think you’ll love it! Reach out to our Guest Services team at 707-823-8231 to book your experience today!