Haiku Writing Contest

February is National Haiku Writing month and Osmosis is hosting a Haiku Competition! Haiku poems are an important arm of Japanese art dating to the seventeenth century. This form of poetry, consisting of 17 syllables (5,7,5) are meant to share a moment of importance, an experience of deep meaning, or a thoughtful reflection. More information about Haikus can be found here.


“Entering Freestone, 
the fog lifts off rolling hills, 
tension floats off, too.”
“Heavy cedar bath
holds me still to calm my soul.
Warm meditation.”


Take a moment to reflect on your time at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary and express it through a Haiku. Email it to marketing@osmosis.com! Be sure to follow us on Facebookto see posts of Haiku’s submitted.
The winning Haiku will receive a Cedar Enzyme Bath and a Thai, Shiatsu, or Essential Meridian Massage!