Electric Cars at Osmosis for Earth Day

On Friday Osmosis co-hosted a convening of leaders in our community who have an interest in actualizing electric vehicle transportation. We are provided a convivial setting for key players to become acquainted with each other. Our gathering was held in the tub room with everyone’s feet in the enzyme bath! The primary agenda was to accelerate the installation of charging stations for electric cars in our region. We envision this gathering as a first step in a broader effort that will lead to establishing a variety of alternative forms of transportation for our area.

Attendees included: Efren Carrillo, 5th District Supervisor, Jared Huffman, Assembly Member, Richard Heinberg, Post Carbon Institute, Brant Arthur & Jim McGreen, Climate Protection Campaign, Caryl Hart, Sonoma County Regional Parks, Dave Head, Fleet Manager for the County of Sonoma, Jack Swearingen, Friends of SMART, Jeff Hall, Siemens, Mark Perlmutter, SWITCH Vehicles, Alan Soule, North Bay Electric Auto Association, Craig Anderson, LandPaths, and Rick Coats & Toni Tacoma, Ecoring.

A number of electric cars were on hand for test drives. we had a good look at the old rail road right of way which goes through Freestone, which is being proposed as an alternative transportation corridor for hiking, biking and equestrian use.

A broad and very helpful conversation ensued. It was exciting to learn that Sonoma County is ahead of the nation with its Electric Vehicle program and a number of charging stations will be installed in all the major towns THIS YEAR!

To encourage carbon reduction Osmosis is offering 25% off services (April 23-27) and retail (all month) to anyone who arrives in an alternative fuel, hybrid or electric vehicle. The discount also applies to scooters and other two wheeled modes- with a bonus FREE boxed lunch for cyclists!