Step outside, it’s nature’s medicine

There is a general consensus that spending time outdoors is good for you. Fresh air to revive the senses, sitting by a stream to calm the spirit. We know these activities are not only good for us, but feel wonderfully refreshing, even euphoric.

Like many activities that have been practiced throughout the ages, modern science is backing up what we’ve experienced empirically for so long. In 2015, Stanford University completed two studies on spending time in nature, one studied the psychological effects and the other was a cognitive neuroscience study. Not surprisingly, both studies showed dramatic differences between individuals who took a walk in nature compared to those who took a walk in an urban environment. One marked difference between the groups was the abatement of “brooding thoughts” in the group who had been in nature. “Brooding” or “rumination” was defined as repetitive, nagging thoughts with negative and self-critical messages. This internal chatter and self-criticism leads to serious depression and severe anxiety in some, though it is familiar to all of us. Fortunately, many practices have been developed over thousands of years that help us free ourselves from our own worst enemy. Practices like meditation, prayer, yoga, selfless service, self care, body work… all have shown to deliver us from our merciless inner judge. Past generations may have not needed to include “spending time in nature” in their self-care activities, as that was once a staple of daily life, but in this day and age, as more humans inhabit urban, concrete environments, an effort must be made to get our needed dose of greenery and fresh air.

This communion with nature as spiritual practice was built into the design of Osmosis. We recognize it as a key element to healing, rejuvenation, and mental and physical wellness. The majority of our grounds are designated to giving our guests unique experiences in nature. We encourage each of our guests to find a cushion beside the Heart Mind Pond in the meditation garden and open to all of their senses, or lay in the Field of Hammocks while swaying in the breeze listening to meditative sound therapy music. A massage in an outdoor pagoda, a walk through the forest, lunch beside Salmon Creek… these all offer a healthy dose of outdoor tonic.

Henry David Thoreau reminded us that “we need the tonic of wildness.” Do yourself a favor this month and spend some time out of doors, whether it be in the Osmosis gardens, the Sonoma Coast, or your own backyard. You deserve it.


13 Coolest Spa Experiences by Yahoo Beauty

Published by Yahoo Beauty
Sara Bliss
Senior Writer

Who doesn’t love a good spa treatment? If done right, you leave feeling renewed and refreshed. What’s even better? Having a spa experience outdoors. Hearing the sound of waves crashing, or birds in the treetops, or taking in the scent of wildflowers, or a view of the stars adds an even more intense dimension. We went looking for some of the most original outdoor spa experiences in the world, going way beyond your basic rubdown. Whether you are having an Aqua massage in the Caribbean, soaking in hot springs, or dipping in a Japanese cedar enzyme bath — here are 13 of the coolest outdoor spa treatments to dream about this summer.

Osmosis Sanctuary Cedar Enzyme Bath Treatment

The Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary is an Eastern-inspired spa in Freestone, California. Their outdoor Cedar Enzyme Bath, the only one in the country, promises revive skin and heal aching muscles. Inspired by ancient Japanese traditions, the unique treatment can be done solo or with friends. To start you need to sit in a wooden tub filled with finely ground cedar, rice bran, and plant enzymes. The natural heat from the bath opens your pores, while the enzymes help detox skin.

Osmosis Day Spa in Freestone Celebrates 30 years

Published in the Press Democrat 

by Meg McConahey

Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary in Freestone will celebrate its 30th anniversary Aug. 19 with a concert of international music in its Zen garden, along with dinner and cedar enzyme foot baths.

The dinner party features Rupa of Rupa Marya and the April Fishes. Her style gives new meaning to eclectic. It touches on everything from Bohemian funk to punk, jazz to Latin, African to Islander, with lyrics in French, Spanish, English and Hindi.

For $35, ticketholders receive an all-inclusive dinner from Fork Roadhouse, wine from Woodenhead Winery and one of the spa’s signature cedar enzyme footbaths. Osmosis is at 209 Bohemian Hwy, Freestone. For information call (707) 823-8231.

You can reach Staff Writer Meg McConahey or 521-5204. On Twitter @megmcconahey.

5 ways to relax in Sonoma County this Summer!

Summer. A time for being in nature. For fresh air. When our skin gets to feel the warm sun, lie in the cleansing sand. The season designated for relaxation. So what are the best ways to relax in Sonoma County this summer? Luckily for us, this beautiful part of the country offers majestic natural landscapes that make for wonderful getaways–that time in nature is so important to our physical, mental, and emotional restoration! Here are our top five ways to enjoy Osmosis during the season of abundance.

  1. Massage in the Pagodas. Take a stroll down the wooded paths to a private pagoda and enjoy the songs of nature as you treat your muscles, your skin, and your mind, to some healing kneading.
  2. Hammocks! Need we say more? Sway in the soft breeze along Salmon Creek and rock yourself into a blissful summer dream.
  3. Lunch in the forest. Taste the bounty of local Sonoma County farms while enjoying a fresh, local meal prepared by Fork Roadhouse. Get lost in the views from our eating areas tucked away among the trees.
  4. Summer Skin Care. Let one of our expert estheticians rejuvenate you face, heal sun damage, and hydrate your skin–leaving you looking and feeling your best.
  5. The gardens! Soak up some rays or relax in the shade. Let your mind wander as you watch the coy fish meander through the Heart Mind Pond. Take a deep breath. This is what summer is all about.

30-year Anniversary of Osmosis

We are both honored and humbled to be celebrating our 30th anniversary of the Cedar Enzyme Bath.

In the three decades since we first introduced to the Cedar Enzyme Bath to the United States, over 300,000 people have enjoyed its many benefits. Thousands of guests have shared with us their experiences of healing: improved sleep, increased mobility, reduced arthritic pain, improved digestion… the list goes on and on. We foresee this therapy becoming a recognized treatment for a wide range of health issues as the scientific community continues to expand their research on the connections between enzymes, probiotics, and human health.