Embrace Radiance: Exploring Jane Iredale’s Sustainable Beauty Care

In an era where sustainability and conscientious consumption reign supreme, Jane Iredale emerges as a beacon of hope in the beauty industry. With a commitment to environmental responsibility and ethical practices, Jane Iredale’s sustainable beauty care sets a new standard … Read the rest

Join Community At Soft Medicine For Talk, Tea, And Good Times!

Join Us at 6:30pm on Wednesday, March 20th for Conversation + Tea at Soft Medicine!

Register To Join Here!

This is a special invitation to meet with an international leader in wholistic health who will talk on “Ancient Future Medicine” … Read the rest


Forest Bathing at Osmosis



By Michael Stusser

Beyond our daily routines and to-do lists the world goes on with or with out us. The world of nature is generating its serene healing energy abundantly all the time if we could simply … Read the rest

Why Zen Meditation Retreats at Osmosis Day Spa?

altar dedication Steve Stucky

Zen and Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary

One may question the placement of Zen meditation retreats in a day spa setting, but if you visit Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary the link will be clear.  The vision of Osmosis grew out of … Read the rest

Haiku Contest

japanese tea gardenFebruary is National Haiku Writing month and we are hosting a Haiku Competition!

Haiku poems have been an important part of Japanese art dating to the seventh century. This form of poetry, consisting of 17 syllables arranged in three lines … Read the rest