A Great Thing Happened

Rumi’s Caravan has travelled through the land of Oz (Osmosis), leaving it’s indelible mark on the hearts of those attending, the Japanese garden that held us and the clear skies that reigned above our heads. Over one hundred people at this sold out event sat transfixed for an hour and a half of ecstatic poetry.

Words enlivened the air with palpable feeling as the four performers, Larry Robinson, Gwynn O’Gara, Kay Crista and Doug Von Koss, spoke the words of Rumi, Hafiz, Oliver, Sophocles and their own with passion and grace. Melodic riffs winged their way above and around us through the inspired accompaniment of Kim Atkinson, Cynthia Albers and Chris Caswell.

All this magic conjured support for an organization serving those in need. We raised $5,000 dollars for the Ceres Community Project – enough to provide food for 10 families for 3 months! Ceres also provided the guests with a delectable Middle Eastern feast including Persian rice pilaf with green beans, lime 

chickpea shortbreads and 
orange scented stuffed dates just to name a few of the tantalizing selections. The evening capped off with foot-warming and heart-warming connection in the enzyme baths.


Thank you so much to everyone who participated – from the Ceres chefs and volunteers to the talented, eclectic performers of Rumi’s Caravan to the generous donations of wine to the ticket holders for the gift of their presence and to the staff of Osmosis!

Gratitude to all for such a magical evening!

The poem flew at me…
Little darts of words
big wings of words
charging the air all around me
There were no words, only language…

Leaving me empty of words.