30-year Anniversary of Osmosis

We are both honored and humbled to be celebrating our 30th anniversary of the Cedar Enzyme Bath.

In the three decades since we first introduced to the Cedar Enzyme Bath to the United States, over 300,000 people have enjoyed its many benefits. Thousands of guests have shared with us their experiences of healing: improved sleep, increased mobility, reduced arthritic pain, improved digestion… the list goes on and on. We foresee this therapy becoming a recognized treatment for a wide range of health issues as the scientific community continues to expand their research on the connections between enzymes, probiotics, and human health.

Our guests, and our society, are seeking improved well being on many levels, especially in stress reduction. People’s attention is pulled in many directions, quiet time is becoming more scarce, and the high demands of people’s lives are taking a toll on the population. Fortunately, there is growing awareness of these challenges, and many people are seeking out mindfulness practices and implementing healthy routines that help balance out the chaos of our modern existence. From day one at Osmosis, it has been our core intention to offer a place of refuge where visitors can detach from the running to-do list in their minds, take a deep breath, and regain their natural balance and clarity.

The Buddha said, “Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” It is our deepest intention to fulfill these tenants through our work at Osmosis, and for 30 years we have strived to do just that. Thanks to our faithful guests and supportive community, we have been blessed to fulfill our values through our work. We look forward to another 30 years of devotion to our mission of fostering the vitality of our guests, our community, and our planet.