April Meditation

Spring Garden

by Susan Helene Kramer

Is there anything so uplifting as sitting in your garden on one of those warm days of Spring, and letting the sweet smells of narcissus wafting on the breeze give you feelings of satisfaction with life? It is an experience you can recreate any time through meditation.

Guided meditation:

Pick a spot to sit that is secluded and where you won't be disturbed. If you really have an outdoor garden to enjoy sit there on a bench. If you are indoors and imagining your Spring garden, either sit up straight on a cushion or a chair.

Let your hands rest in your lap or place palms up or palms down on your thighs. Let your eyes gently close.

Now begin some rounds of even and regular breathing such as: counts 1, 2, breathe in; counts 3, 4, breathe out; counts 1, 2, breathe in and continue the rhythmic pattern throughout your meditation. After a minute let go of the counting and continue the pattern.

Breath is the joining force between mind and body and establishing a rhythmic pattern of breathing is calming; body relaxes and mind centers.

You are sitting in your Spring garden. And before you know it a robin hops in and looks up to you, wondering if you're a human or a statue. Determining you're not a threat she jumps up to a low branch in a bush for a moment's rest. It is as if she is having a bird's meditation, herself.

The garden animals know to take life's events in their stride and find a pattern to the day that sustains and nurtures them - eating, sleeping, eating some more most of the year, except the scurrying time of raising their young - sound familiar?

Think about how we can learn from nature to arrange our lives in a harmonious rhythm so we can keep our peace and regain it if lost. Note the balance of work, sleep, eating and play that streams through nature's creatures, whether just those in our garden or in the vast expanses of wilderness.

The key to learn is balance in life - keeping our priorities balanced and in harmony with the whole of our life. If we overwork we get stressed out; don't do something productive we get lazy. It is finding the balance that opens us to our natural peace of mind and body that we see in our Spring garden creatures.

Keeping these thoughts in mind, make a resolve to bring your daily tasks into greater harmony so you feel balanced. After your period of silent reflection write your new insights in your journal for review.

To finish your meditation take a deep breath in, slowly release it, open your eyes and feeling refreshed go on with your day.

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