Osmosis Helps Protect Freestone

firehydrantOsmosis participated with local businesses to get the old Freestone water tank repaired and running to protect the charming hamlet from fire danger. Along with Wildflower Bakery and Freestone Vineyards, Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary helped do the right thing for their community. Too long the town of Freestone was at risk without adequate water supply to fight possible fires.

Local Movie Premier Screening – A Communal Memior

A-Communal-Memoir-nippetDear Friends, We are excited to be hosting a very special evening for our community this Thursday night.

The première showing of “A Communal Memoir” will be held November 18th at the Occidental Center for the arts at 6:30 pm. Admission is free and donations are requested.

A complementary champagne reception including a cedar enzyme foot baths will follow at Osmosis. Please RSVP for the reception at 823-8231

Robert Ketchell Will Visit Osmosis and Give Garden Tour

robertphotoJapanese garden expert Robert Ketchell from England will be visiting Osmosis next week. He will be conducting a special tour of the garden on Thursday morning July 22nd at 11am.

This is Roberts first visit to the garden since it was completed in 2003. Ironically, this is also the year of the Ox and it just so happens that the Osmosis garden is based on the Chinese parable of The Ox and The Ox Herder. On the tour you will see how this story, typically shown in wood block prints, is depicted with stone, plants and water features in the Osmosis meditation garden.

Weishan Lui, Chinese Harpist, is Performing in Concert at Osmosis

weiposterThe magic of moon lit nights in Japanese gardens and festivals remain as one of my fondest memories from living in Japan. One of the most celebrated traditions of Asian gardens from centuries past was to hold festivals to honor significant points in the cycles of nature. A special spirit inhabits the air that is almost palpable. It has been most gratifying to recreate the experience here at Osmosis with our moon viewing ceremonies. The idea of having a Chinese harp concert came from the late Kit Nuesteader, a music aficionado who co-founded the Redwood Arts Council. She suggested that Weishan Liu was an extraordinary performer whose music would be a perfect fit for the atmosphere in our meditation garden. Kit could not have been more on target. From the moment Wei Shan stepped into the garden she recognized the deep intention of the garden and called it a temple. Her first concert at Osmosis was in 2005. She surprised us by bringing guitarist George Winston to accompany her. In addition to having grown up studying with the most revered teachers of the Chinese table harp in China, Wei Shan has created a learning center in the US that plays a key role in preserving the traditional art form of this instrument.

All Guests and Staff now wear masks at Osmosis as we continue to follow all Covid safety guidelines. All indoor air is treated with 4 stage HEPA filters and an advanced all-building air sanitation system called Atmosair. We do have very attractive and comfortable outdoor areas for massage as well. Try out our convenient new online booking. We are delighted to serve in this time of special need.