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Ceres Benefit Concert with Jazz Singer Kellye Gray

Looking for tickets to the Rupa concert? Click here

Join us for our favorite event of the year: the Ceres benefit concert. All proceeds benefit the wonderful Ceres Community Project.

The Ceres Community Project works to restore locally-grown, organic whole food to its place as the foundation of health for people, communities and the planet through an integrated model that provides those facing cancer and other life-threatening illnesses with nourishing meals, gives teens experiences of growing and preparing healthy food, and educates the larger community about the connection between food, healing and wellness.

Performing for the evening is the lovely Kellye GrayWith her renowned, brilliant use of voice as instrument, Kellye has entertained dignitaries and heads-of-state, and shared stages with an impressive constellation of international jazz, blues and R&B stars in a career spanning twenty years. The San Francisco Examiner called her “a musically most imaginative tour de force.” Described as “stunning scat singing, instrumental simulations and dark-toned balladry” by the Los Angeles Times, Gray creatively uses her voice as part of the ensemble. JazzTimes magazine calls her ” an impressive, indeed frighteningly vast talent.”

Mostly self-taught, Gray has developed her own approach to singing jazz. Her performances highlight her strong sense of balladry with both vocal and lyrical interpretation, along with her funky sense of rhythm. Never limiting herself creatively, Gray blends scat, ballads, Latin, funk, soul, blues, solo and free styles into her shows.

6:00-7:00pm Appetizers and Wine

7:00-8:15pm Performance

8:15-9:00pm Dessert and Cedar Enzyme Footbaths


“A musically most imaginative tour de force”

– San Francisco Examiner

“Gray…at her raw, uninhibited, deconstructionist best”
– JazzTimes

“Clearly demonstrating that jazz singing can stretch the envelope of creativity without sacrificing a direct connection with an audience”
– The Los Angeles Times

“Simply one of the most exciting jazz singers”
– USA Today

“Kellye Gray emereges with moxy and sophistication”
– CMJ New Music Report

“A jazz singer with the ability to connect with a generation raised on rock”
– Sunday Star Ledger

“Gray has a sort of Sarah Vaughn sits-around-with-Sade-at-Ella Fitgerald’s-house-voice that has tremendous stength and range”
– The Houston Press

“Gray milked it for everything it’s got and yet another drop slid down her throat”
– LA Jazz Scene

“Kellye Gray is one of the finest singers I’ve ever heard on record or in person. She can blast away or quietly capture your heart”


Sunrise Summer Solstice Ceremony

Come celebrate the elements and join us in deep ceremonial journey with the waters of the pond, the rocks and the magical sacred landscape of Osmosis’s garden sanctuary.

Together, we will honor the power of the earth and the blessings of her majesty.

Summer Solstice- Celebrating the fertile, hot, and illuminated aspect of Ra, the creator Sun God and the season of fertile growth.

Amplified by the rays of the sun- the seeds and intentions we planted in the spring now continue their growth and development. How’s your inner life growing? In what ways are we following through with the values and core intentions we hold inside with the choices we make ever day- with each step, each word and each deed?

Summer Solstice invites us to clarify and stand in full sun-being willing to let the Divine light shine strongly, so that all parts, the heart of innocence and the warrior can stand together illuminated by divine source energy. What part of our shadow can we allow to be illumined, seen, held and transformed? How can we maximize the coming harvest by nurturing the seeds we’ve planted?

Join us on Monday morning at 7am for a bright and powerful Community Ceremony with Elizabeth Moriarty, healer, counselor and community leader. Elizabeth is a master ceremonialist, facilitating people in the Direct Experience of divine source energy, sacred presence and loving kindness.

We will fill the garden pond area with the mystical sounds of Tibetan bowls sacred bells and the resonance of a planetary gong.    Coupled with natural sounds of the ponds and native wildlife our guests will be transported to the deeper inner self.   There is no greater journey then the one within.  Each molecule, each cell of our body carries a frequency. In optimum health, our body sings a song of vitality, balance and harmony.  The power of the instruments and their frequencies helps to fully relax us and unlock tightly held blocks in our bodies .

This event is Free –  No Reservation Required 

June 2015 Local’s Night–Japanese Heritage Edition

Join us in honoring and celebrating

our Japanese roots at our June Local’s Night! 

Wednesday June 17th, 6pm to 8:30pm

Osmosis has deep roots in Japan. It was while studying both Zen meditation and traditional Japanese gardening practices that Osmosis founder, Michael Stusser, discovered the Cedar Enzyme Bath. This traditional Japanese bathing ritual offered Michael relief from his painful experience of sciatica and he found it immensely rejuvenating. After returning to the U.S. he began prototyping a small Cedar Enzyme Bath on a friend’s ranch in Sebastopol, utilizing a small building he constructed using lumber recycled from a chicken coop and diligently seeking out local wood species. Michael’s vision was to bring not only this traditional Japanese healing modality to the U.S., but also to create a space that fostered meditation and mindfulness. 30 years later, that vision has manifested and Osmosis serves as a sanctuary for vitality, healing, and equanimity. Osmosis is beloved by its community and it has Japan to thank for many of its offerings, including the Cedar Enzyme Baths, the Kyoto-style Meditation Gardens, the tea ceremony, and much more. We look forward to celebrating this heritage with you at our next Local’s Night and for another 30 years. 

Enjoy Sushi, Sake, and Tea.

Relax in a Cedar Enzyme Footbath while watching a stunningly elegant Japanese sword demonstration in the Zen garden.

RSVP Required (Reserve soon). $20 Admission! 

Japanese Cultural Day

Join us for a day of celebrating and honoring the peaceful harmony of Japanese culture and its influence on Osmosis.

Enjoy a guided journey including:

Koto Japanese Music in the mediation garden- Traditional Tea Ceremony – Japanese Art Bazaar – Ceramic pot and tea cup Exhibition – Healthy and Delicious Japanese Food — Cedar Enzyme footbath

Optional massage or facial experience

Guest services will contact you to schedule the activities of your day, including your experience and education of the Chado “Way of Tea,” your fresh, flavorful and healthy Japanese lunch, beautiful Koto music, Cedar Enzyme footbath, and your optional 75-minute massage or facial.

Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary is a special place, beloved by its community and it has Japan to thank for many of its offerings, including the Cedar Enzyme Baths, the Kyoto-style Meditation Gardens, the tea ceremony, and much more. Join us as we celebrate the Japanese culture of mindfulness, equanimity, and well-being.

Global Wellness Day

Participate in this world-wide initiative aimed at promoting wellness!!! Osmosis Day Spa is partnering with the dyhana Center in Sebastopol to host a panel discussion: “How can health and wellness businesses work synergistically to achieve a higher level of vitality in our community “

“Global Wellness Day is an entirely not-for-profit day, a social platform created by volunteers dedicated to living well. Wellness Day which brings together exercise, healthy eating and sipritual teachings, is a social movement that will raise awareness of living well throughout the world. It is a step that can ignite the flame of happiness burning throughout the world. It is a special opportunity to bring together the wellness world in a sacred mission.”

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