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Home Care Rituals for Deep Sleep – Spa Vitality Retreat

deep sleep spa wellness workshop
Join us in this dreamy workshop where you will learn a variety of self-help tools for helping you to fall asleep and to sleep more deeply.

To fit everything into our busy lives, we often sacrifice sleep. Too often, we feel over-scheduled or over-stimulated, making it difficult for our nervous system to wind down and our minds to calm for sleep. Adequate sleep is an essential component to a healthy lifestyle and can affect both mental and physical health. It is vital to our well-being!

  • Body and breath awareness practices
  • Herbs and essential oils to calm the mind
  • Acupressure points to help you sleep deeply
  • Meditation techniques to prepare for sleep
  • Self-massage techniques for deeper relaxation

This All Day Vitality Boosting Retreat includes a 75-min. Massage, Cedar Enzyme Footbath, Organic Lunch & Informative Self Care Presentation!

“Sleep is the most important meditation, not for nirvana, but for survival!” — The Dalai Lama

Raizelah BayenRaizelah Bayen is currently the Training Coordinator at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary and the founder of Open Pathways Institute for Integrative Massage. She has been practicing and teaching healing arts for almost 30 years. Raizelah is certified in not only massage and acupressure, but also herbology, aromatherapy and yoga instruction. Her passion is teaching an integrative approach to healing in both her wellness workshops at Osmosis, and in her training classes for massage therapists.

Her workshops are well-organized and packed with self-care techniques that are easy to use at home, accessible for even the lay person. She is available for on-site workshops and massage trainings. If you are interested in hosting a workshop or class taught by Raizelah, please email her at