My Week of Renewal at Rancho La Puerta

I recently had the good fortune to spend a week at the almost mystical Rancho La Puerta. This place truly is the seed of the vision for the entire spa industry. A family operation since its inception in 1940, Conde Naste has named this 3,000-acre destination spa in Tecate, Mexico Best Destination Spa in the world for the second year in a row. Originally based on the health principles of the Communal Essenes (second century BCE to first century CE), their programming offers a tremendous opportunity for deep rejuvenation. After so many years, Rancho La Puerta is still worthy of its legendary reputation.

The Green Connoisseur Gives Osmosis a Great Write-Up

Here is an example of the wonderful review we received;

“The spa’s greening and conservation stretches back to when founder Michael Stusser was working to open the spa. Making the new spa a sustainable and eco-conscious business led to the formation of the Green Spa Network, of which Osmosis Day Spa is a founding member. This network is a non-profit organization dedicated to the greening of the spa industry.”