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Haiku Contest Winners 2017

Thank you for all the amazing Haiku’s submitted to our Osmosis Haiku contest last month! It was not easy to narrow it down to our top three with nearly 100 submissions! Congratulations to the following winners:


Haiku Winner first place

Embraced by cedar

Releasing, an ebb and flow

My soul is renewed.

~Heidi Margocsy, First Place Haiku Winner





Haiku Winner second place


My outdoor massage

Wind chines ringing in the trees

This is bliss to me.

~Kelly Dillman, Second Place Haiku Winner




Haiku Winner runner up

Nestled in soft bliss

My skin is gently renewed

I am young again

~Leah, Runner up Haiku Contest








Meditation: The Return to Presence: Rest Your Mind In What Is

By Tara Brach  Tara Brach’s teachings blend Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices, mindful attention to our inner life, and a full, compassionate engagement with our world. The result is a distinctive voice in Western Buddhism, one that offers a wise and caring approach to freeing ourselves and society from suffering.

It’s natural that our attention wanders, and the more we relax back, the more that becomes our habit…returning to presence. This meditation opens with conscious breathing and awakening through the body. We then rest in open awareness, and when the attention drifts, guide ourselves to rest our minds, over and over, in the aliveness and presence that is right here.



3 Reasons Why Osmosis Rocks for a Girls Getaway!

We believe that bringing people together is one of the best paths toward transformation and opening your heart. No matter how old you are or where you are in yFootbath_girls_getawayour life, taking a day with friends at a spa can bring pure magic. Imagine gathering up your best girlfriends for a getaway to a legendary place of total rejuvenation and divine connection. Read on to see 3 great reasons why.

Cedar Enzyme Footbath – Where else can you enjoy a convivial Cedar Enzyme Foot Bath seated together while sipping Osmosis Signature Blend Tea? Our warm and fragrant treatment offers myriad health benefits, from improving circulation to relieving joint and muscle pain – it’s a perfect environment to melt away the stress. Afterwards your feet will feel like you are walking on air.

Stunning and Unique Venue – Embraced by the coastal hills of Sonoma County, Osmosis’ Japanese-inspired environment naturally brings clarity and connection. Our secluded five acres of creekside property is extensively landscaped with five distinct Zen garden areas. We consider communion with nature to be a key component of healing and our Zen Gardens are the perfect place to strengthen the ties that bind a valued friendship together. Just driving to the stunningly beautiful village of Freestone is great therapy all by itself!

Hammock_girl_getawayEnhanced Experiences (only offered to groups) – The Osmosis experience is a total mind and body cleanse. We encourage our groups to enhance their experience with unique offerings such as our Healing with Chocolate Treatment, Custom Cheese and Wine Tasting, Acupressure Aromatherapy Educational Experience, Guided Meditation or Hammock Sound Therapy in our Field of Hammocks. 

We know that the most important part of a trip with the girls is spending time together—choosing an environment that brings you closer will generate memories that can last a lifetime. So round up your best girlfriends, book your group experience and relish the girlfriend getaway of your dreams!

Haiku Contest

japanese tea gardenFebruary is National Haiku Writing month and we are hosting a Haiku Competition!

Haiku poems have been an important part of Japanese art dating to the seventh century. This form of poetry, consisting of 17 syllables arranged in three lines of 5,7, and 5 syllables respectively are meant to capture an inspiring moment or a thoughtful reflection. Here are a couple examples to get you inspired:

Entering Freestone, 
the fog lifts off rolling hills, 
tension floats off, too.
Heavy cedar bath
holds me still to calm my soul,
Warm meditation.

Write about Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary, an experience you’ve had here, a place on the property, a feeling, a moment…. and email it to marketing at! Be sure to follow us on Facebook to see posts of Haiku’s submitted. 

Our first place winner will receive a Cedar Enzyme Bath AND an Osmosis Fusion Massage. The runner up will receive a Cedar Enzyme Bath for Two. 

Deadline to enter is Feb 28. There is no limit to how many Haiku’s you submit. Winner will be announced the 2nd week in March on our Facebook page as well as in our newsletter.

Follow us on Facebook and show some love to your Haiku when it is posted. Tell your friends to “like” your Haiku and possibly influence our decision!

We look forward to your poems!

2017 Rise of the Designated Driver: Illumination, Action and Trust

By  Lynnda Pollio, Empathic Consulting

You made it through 2016!

Take a moment to acknowledge, review and release this surreal past year. It has not been easy, but the person you are now is better prepared for what lies ahead. 

There is a certain trepidation we feel entering 2017. We know things will change as we traverse the coming days. The unexpected will continue to erupt into our reality, scorching familiar comforts. Accept this turmoil, however disruptive. Bold new bedrock, ideas and alliances will spring from these fires. The quest for what is real and true has begun.

I’d like to think that the worst is behind us. But it is not. There is no going back to what is “normal.” That box we constantly try to think outside of…is actually breaking apart. Change has begun and it is permanent. 2017 is the year you decide whether to jump into the front seat of your life, hands purposefully on the wheel, or submit to the back seat resigned to what happens. Take actions, however small, that steer you in the direction you want to go.

Most of us will experience a profound event in our lives, a quantum shift towards a new way of being. There will be waves of dread and chaos, then opportunity and wonder. New friends will appear. What we believed to be absolutely true might prove to be false. Something we assumed would last a lifetime does not. Trust will become both a question and an ally.

For those who choose to step up and be the designated driver in their lives this year, I offer guideposts to navigate 2017’s uncommon crossing:

Be present to what is. As illusions dissolve and current structures and belief systems crumble, steady yourself by being present to what is, regardless of what was or should be. We must learn to adapt to each jolt, and respond fresh from that moment without clinging to the verdicts of the past.

Know thyself. The most important thing you will ever do is being who you truly are. Grant yourself time alone. Turn off technologies and be still. Commune with the earth, touch trees, walk barefoot, and listen to the language of nature. It will remind you of your place here, and initiate you into a higher way of thinking. Be with people who care about you enough to expose your blind spots, those unrecognized hindrances you cannot resolve until witnessed.

Stand up. When someone is giving you crumbs, don’t let them convince you they are giving you the whole cake. Choose the world you wish to inhabit and stand fully in it. Reserve judgment of others but do not cower in the shadows. Allow yourself to be seen. This is the year to speak your truth out loud. Ladies, take your places!

Suffering is a teacher. We will receive as much pain as it takes for us to change. Most of it will be unfair. But it will transform forever whomever it touches. Suffering is asking us to wake up, end stale routines, remember our humanity and pay attention to what is wrong. Suffering precedes every great breakthrough. Ask for help, and hold a caring space for others traveling through difficult circumstances. You are not failing. You are emerging.

Cultivate the adult within. Be the person who can handle anything. 2017 will require the adult in us to intercede and take responsibility for our emotions, actions and goals. Find your courage. The world needs adults now more than ever. Stop complaining, blaming, and shaming. Lead, care, and manage, instead.

Have fun! There will be radiant sparks of happiness available all year. Respite from the storms. Seek people and experiences that bring you joy and make you laugh. Take risks. Your best life exists on the other side of those gambles. Fun fuels courage.

An explosion of sharing. Share kindness, vulnerability, support, money, things. It is the glue of a new community being born. Holding too tight to what you have will only bring fear and separation. Sharing will open hearts and doors to what is possible in the world that is unfolding.

Love what you don’t understand. Everyone will struggle with something this year. We may not always respond to our stresses in the best way. Be compassionate. Another’s journey may appear different from yours, but in the end the destination is the same. We will all need a little latitude as we grow.

Take care of your body like never before. Anxiety and illness will run high, and the healthcare system is not equipped. People will be dying this year in uncomfortable numbers. Eat healthy, move your body, quiet your mind. It’s the most important thing you will do for yourself in 2017.

Pray. Yes, pray. Reclaim the divine presence within you. Prayer is powerful, soothing and meaningful. Prayer helps you remember who you are beyond our social conditioning and technology and creates a spiritual cord that connects us all. Prayer transforms what you cannot bear. 

Stop buying stuff. You really want the world to change? Don’t buy anything until you need it. There is power in economic restraint. The best way to get the attention of those who seek to control you is by spending with discernment.

Be Kind. That’s it. Just be kind all the time.

Learn where to place your trust.  For now, do not trust institutions, corporations, the media, or governments. Trust each other. Get to know each other. Build community through shared vulnerability. Help your neighbors. Open to the possibility of our human connection. Take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. You are the only one you need to change. Love more. Fear less. Walk hopefully into what you do not know.

This year, we are going through a birth canal of sorts. It will be messy and uncomfortable. Where we finally arrive dwells within our individual choices more than we have been willing to accept. Act towards the world you envision for yourself. Everything better we can be involves moving beyond our personal dramas, prejudices and absolutes. The good news is that we will begin to understand this as we continue our migration together towards somewhere we have never been before. Go where you feel called, even if no one you know follows. Others will be there, waiting. Begin to recognize and fully embrace your fellow travelers. Let go. This is happening!

It’s going to be a momentous year. Hope to meet you along the way!




lynnda-pollio-empathic-consultingLynnda Pollio
Empathic Consulting
Author, Trusting the Currents