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Reviews from YELP!

We love Osmosis, and come 2-3 times a year. Even for those of us who seek out hot springs, massage centers, and spas, this place is a true find.
The hot cedar enzyme 'bath' is one-of-a-kind. You sit in this fragrant composting pile of cedar sawdust and it warms you to the bones - like nothing you've ever experienced before.
After 30 minutes, they dig you out and you go outside with a hand broom to sweep off the fresh cedar (like beach sand, you may find bits for days after in creases and crevices). Then you toodle upstairs in a state of deep muscular relaxation from the heat for a massage by a skilled technician.
After all of that, you go outside to lie in the hammocks and listen to ambient noise while rocking in the breeze.
A trip to paradise! (And run by incredibly nice people. Plus, the bakery and antique store in the hamlet of Freestone are fun destinations that make the whole trip worthwhile.)

I have visited numerous spas and this is by far THE best I have ever visited. Not only are the services amazing, the staff is very friendly and the entire place is relaxing and absolutely beautiful! This is far from the commercialized spas I have visited in the past -- this place is truly a "sanctuary"! The prices are VERY reasonable. I highly recommend the ultimate spa package so you can experience everything! The cedar enzyme bath was great - I was a little skeptical, having never done this, but my skin felt so great and it was the perfect way to kick off the spa day. If you don't have the funds for everything -- at least enjoy a massage and spend some time in the meditation garden. A wonderful experience --- we WILL go back.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist (or Martha Stewart) to know that sitting in sawdust is a good thing.
NO - it (the cedar bath) won't give you splinters.
And after your custom-blend, local tea
japanese tea garden viewing
2 showers
brain balancing music on hammocks
you'll be to converted too.
p.s. Request Mercedes - she was an amazing and very professional host.

Amazing place to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with ones' spirit! I took my wife here for our 15th anniversary and we spent a weekend in paradise. Visiting the beach, bakeries, and culminating with an entire day in the sanctuary of Osmosis. We both got massages, the spectacular enzyme bath, and I bought my wife a facial. Incredible people giving the treatments, indescribably beautiful surroundings, and an overall blissful experience.
Willing to go back at the drop of a dime!

Amazing spa! Went with my girlfriends for a bachlorette weekend and it was the best way to wrap up the weekend! The cedar bath treatment was great because we all got to sit in a circle and relax before our massages. After our treatments we spent a lot of time in the peaceful, beautiful zen gardens! We are going back there again, hopefully soon!

Beautiful, tranquil Japanese style gardens set the tone for this unique spa. The cedar enzyme bath truly soothes the aches and pain. The entire experience was lovely.


Reviews from Trip Advisor

"Just do it!" My husband and I took a significant detour during our recent trip along the nothern California coast just to come to this very unique and very wonderful spa which is the only place in the US that the Japanese style Cedar Enzyne Bath is performed. This place is truly worth the trip to the small hamlet of Freestone, CA. The grounds and gardens are lovingly tended and are magnificent. We had a package consisting of the a 75 min massage, 20 min. Cedar Enzyme Bath for two and then a 30 min session in their Field of Hammocks. I have been to many destination and day spas in the US and Europe and can say without a doubt that this series of treatments in that particular order was the most satifying, relaxing spa experience I've ever had at half the cost you would pay for something similar in a big name or big city spa. We both came out of there with our heads clear and our bodies feeling like mush. I literally had trouble walking afterward simply because I was so relaxed. It was also hard to drive afterward and I had to wait about 10-15 mins. I was doubly glad we had decided to spend two nights at an inn in the area before and after the treatments. The Cedar Enzyme Bath is indescribable. It's sort of like being buried in a dry bowl of oatmeal or steaming pot of rice mixed with fragrant, finely ground cedar mulch. It's hot but just undig yourself a bit and you will be fine. I'm a bit claustrophobic and advised our attendant of that beforehand. She just adjusted the depth of the mix over me to be a little shallower and didnt pack it as high and tight around my neck and I was fine. She also expertly wiped our brows and faces with cold cloths at just the right moments. We came out feeling very cleansed and completely free of aches and pains. I highly reccommend it for those who seek a truly unqiue and renewing spa experience.  Visited October 2012

"inside a tree!" u have to save time for this! ask for the Cedar Enzyme Bath and Wrap. u'll feel yourself inside a tree and very well spoiled, than a massage than a tea in the japanese garden. go with your mate or friend and enjoy a quiet and peaceful moment.

"ZENzyme Bath". The zen setting for an enzyme bath in a tub full of fermenting cedar sawdust tingles the body, mind and spirit. While many opt for a massage after, it is like adding ten cherries to a hot fudge sundae. I'll settle for a calm "wrap" after for a totally satisfying experience.

"Ahhhh....." My daughter recommended this spa for their signature service, which is a cedar enzyme "bath". Very relaxing and a unique experience. Very warm, but the attendant comes in to give you water, and put lavender-scented cloths on your brow. Also dribbles cold water on your head. Try it, you'll like it! And the gardens here are lovely. I combined the bath with the aromatherapy facial. Nice package, but there are a lot of choices.

"Pure Tranquility and Pampering." My boyfriend bought us the Cedar Enzyme Bath for Valentine's Day. Osmosis is a beautiful woodsy spa with lovely, down-to-earth employees in the quaint town of Freestone (near Sebastopol). We arrived a 15 mins. early and browsed the small but vast giftshop in the lobby while sipping their herbal tea and sampling their snacks. Our spa deal included four delicious Osmosis lotions as gifts, so we picked those out. Then we were brought to the back by our attendant who showed us where to change into robes (locker room), and afterwards we sipped more tea in our robes, perused the treatment info book and viewed the Japanese tea gardens in the waiting room. Then we were guided to our private spa room where a large sandbox-looking thing full of cedar shreddings awaited us. We disrobed (BF in boxers and myself in bikini- but you can go nude if you want). Our attendant patted the shreddings over us until only our heads stuck out. The natural piping-hot heat from the fermenting wood sank deep into my cold achey bones and slowly began to feel like I was getting a big comforting hug in a sauna. We sipped water from straws and were wiped with cold cloths. I asked for another cold cloth for my eyes, since the garden view was too bright. After 20 mins., we brushed off our cedar in the refreshing outdoor patio and proceeded to the luxurious shower with Vitamin C spritz at the end. Back in our robes, we climbed upstairs to our private relaxation room where we rested and listen to soundscapes that "balances our brains' hemispheres!" As if all of this wasn't enough, we got to escape into the vast gardens to end our spa day! Absolutely perfect!

Recent Guest Reviews

RON G. – 12/14/12
I absolutely am passionate about how wonderful Osmosis is to experience.

MARCIN W. – 12/16/12
The staff was inviting and professional.

SHAUNA B. – 12/17/12
Both therapists were beyond great and will request them again!

CHRISTA D. – 12/13/12
Fabulous garden atmosphere. Everything was perfect!

RHODA W. – 12/11/12
Everything was as it has been as we had an excellent experience in the facilities.
Both my daughter and I had a fantastic experience in the spa and with our wonderful massage therapists.

MARY H. – 12/8/12
We have never had a bad experience at Osmosis and we have been coming for years. We have sent many to you and they have had a beautiful experience, also. The lunch was delicious and plentiful.

SUE S. – 12/9/12
This is always my destination of choice. I liked having a coupon in the mail. It helped for my return, Thank you I love the serene location.
Love the tea room and the cedar bath.
We came back the next day. The staff was sincere in telling us we were welcome. I want you to know this is my favorite garden....favorite! Peaceful accessible ,and managed perfectly.

ALLISON P. – 12/11/12
Thank you for a truly exceptional visit. All the staff was genuinely caring, friendly, and kind. My visit was beyond what I was expecting. I had high expectations from friends raving, and I was not disappointed. I was elated. Thanks so much!

JIM W. – 12/11/12
The total package was most rewarding !!!!! PERFECT. THANK YOU, Namaste

Thank you always paying attention to every nurturing detail. We are blessed to have you in our community.

FRANCESCA C. – 11/30/12
Very much appreciated the defogged windows in the enzyme bath room. Have been coming many years and always had fog on the glass, so unable to appreciate the view of the garden. Fantastic change. It was really great to have the cool towel behind the neck, after the 2nd visit by attendant. What a wonderful addition.

KATHLEEN T. – 10/28/12 GROUP
It just doesn't get any better than this. Absolutely Always Amazing! I only wish I lived closer. Mahalo Nui Loa Mercedes for putting together such an amazing day for all the Hearst Castle Women! We are all still floating on clouds!!!! Love and Warm Wishes to Everyone!!!! Lovely.

KATHY P. – 6/12/12
My husband thought it was the best experience he has had at Osmosis to date (not that we've been there that many other times) Then enzyme bath was not too hot and the massages were perfect for both of us. Thank you for good service.

LORI D. – 6/13/12
I was quite pleased that you were able to accommodate a spur of the moment reservation. I appreciated the little clocks in a the keys for lockers. I think it is a very nice touch! I also enjoyed being on a massage table for my after-bath wrap instead of the floor. Your spa products were really nice. I woke up the next morning smelling ginger/jasmine in my hair. It was very nice! I think your front desk women are exceptional! I think you have it spot-on! I've been coming to Osmosis for years and I've ALWAYS had an enjoyable experience. It is always something you can expect!

KATHY W. – 6/19/12
Very nice job. It is lovely and quiet and peaceful and serene. The Meditation Garden was very special.
My daughter and I had such a pleasant and lovely day at your spa. I had high expectations and they were all met. There is no doubt that we will be back. I had high expectations for the day, and it was really lovely. I didn't put that Osmosis exceeded my expectations because I expected a superior day and received it. One of the best spa experiences I have had.
Keep doing exactly what you are doing!
Not that this was any better than my massage, but it was different and better from what I had expected. I liked it a lot, and loved the attendant putting the cold cloths on my forehead. It was so much better than a mud bath!

ADELA M. – 5/5/12
Beautiful and very relaxing. The hammock harden is a wonderful addition! I could have stayed there for hours. Wonderful from beginning to end! My therapist was amazing! I was transported to a peaceful space during my massage. He made my aches and pains disappear, thank you!

PATTI S. – 5/20/12
Everyone was kind and welcoming!
Such a beautiful and relaxing experience!
Everyone and everything was magnificent!
So sad to leave such a beautiful paradise.
I loved the meal so much that I purchased the Ceres Cookbook!

JAMIE R. – 5/29/12
We've been coming for years and you guys always do such an amazing job--keep up the great work, and thanks for providing such a wonderful, relaxing spa!
We only come a few times a year so it's difficult to get the same therapist we've used in the past, but everyone has always been so amazing, it's great getting to try someone new!

Guest Email

TRAVIS R. – 2/3/12
I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for a really great experience this past Monday evening. I was treated to a birthday massage by a friend of mine. This was my first visit to Osmosis, and I was blown away. The setting and facilities are incredible and beautiful. The staff was welcoming and calm. But the thing I was most impressed with was my massage. I've received a lot of massage, but hers was THE best I've ever had. Honestly, it was almost magical. I've never felt more relaxed and aligned, and... fantastic after a massage. It's [days later] as I write this, and I can still feel the effects of her work. Please give her my deepest thanks for a truly beautiful experience.
And thanks to you all for putting together a very special place. Living in Colorado, it's a place I will yearn to return to again and again.

Employee Reviews

Camille, January 2012

I was extremely apprehensive about taking the bath. I was nervous I would feel overwhelmed, claustrophobic and most of all awkward. However, the bath attendant, Kirana, quickly put me at ease for the entire process. I had some time to take some deep breaths, relax and try to get into the proper mindset to enjoy myself and get the most out of my services. I was shocked at how the Cedar mixture supported my weight and I didn't sink into it. After burying me in the mixture, Kirana made sure I was comfortable, told me not to hesitate to take out my hands and feet if I started to feel overwhelmed. She came into the room just a few times to bring cold water and cold clothes for my face, I think she new exactly when I needed it because she seemed to come back into the room every time it popped into my head. I managed to stay submerged for the entire 20 minutes much to my surprise and was quite proud of myself Kirana sent me off with water and a snack to make sure I was feeling ok after the process.

I am still surprise at how much I enjoyed the bath and how little I had to be worried about. I feel much better about preparing others for the bath and easing them of any worries that they have.

I also received my first Connective Tissue massage with Raina. She started out by asking me what I thought my body needed and where do I carry tension? After going over those answers she told me she was going to do what my body told her it needed. I could feel her focusing all of her energy into me and I felt entirely connected to her. She explained to me what "connective tissue" is. She explained to me what she was doing during the massage-- Lengthening, Stretching and Redirecting. She was lengthening my muscles, steamrolling them flat and then redirecting them to their proper places. Telling my muscles where they should go because they were bunched up in the wrong places and turning into "goo." After about 5 minutes into the massage I could feel myself melting into the table. Toward the end of the massage Raina brought me back to consciousness and she spent a few minutes showing me the difference between Deep Tissue, Connective Tissue, Firm Swedish and Swedish massages and what was done in each. She explained the trigger points massage therapists go to.

It wasn't until waking up this morning that I felt like I was completely conscious again after getting my services. Raina and Kirana were AMAZING. They both made me feel unbelievably comfortable and connected. They basically rocked my world.

Employee Review of the Inn at Occidental

Susan, January 2012

I stayed at the Inn at Occidental and my experience there was amazing!

I pulled up into their parking lot and went in and was instantly greeted by both Tina and Jerry. The place was absolutely beautiful, warm and welcoming. Tina went up and showed my room, which was the Marble Suite. It was absolutely AMAZING! We walked in and the first thing I saw was the beautiful king size bed. Then we stepped up into another part of the room, which had a warm fireplace, seating area and the biggest jet bathtub I have ever seen! There was even organic bubble bath sitting out on the tub! The bathroom was huge and organic bathroom necessities were provided.

Since we had missed the wine and cheese reception that goes on from 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Tina brought us up a trey of wine and cheese! We felt so special! Downstairs there was warm pumpkin cookies, tea and coffee set out.

Our stay for the evening was absolutely wonderful and completely romantic. In the morning, we went downstairs for breakfast. There was an entire spread of fruit, homemade granola, yogurt, scones, orange juice, cranberry juice, coffee and tea. For the hot breakfast they came out with Jerry's famous Baked Lemon Eggs, which were absolutely delicious!

We headed out after breakfast and we were completely blown away by our experience with the Inn at Occidental!

I would recommend this to ANYONE! Tina and Jerry are the best and the Inn was fabulous!

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