Cedar Enzyme Bath

Bring Home the Cedar Enzymes for your Garden

Be a part of the Osmosis Recycling Program

The material for the baths are comprised of finely milled cedar from fallen timber of the Oregon forests, dried fir, organic rice bran and 600 active plant enzymes imported from Japan.
Now you can use our expired mix in your own backyard.
This recycled material is great for covering paths, mulch for the surface of your flower beds and many other attractive applications.

Delivery is free within a 30-minute radius of the spa. Please contact the Osmosis Facilities Manager directly at 707.206.7799 to make arrangements.


We sell these used enzymes for only:

$50.00 for 3 cubic yards
$95.00 for 5 ½ cubic yards

***This material is not compost and is not recommended as a soil amendment. It is high in carbon and will tie up available nitrogen in your soil.